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In Closing ...

This is going to be a few words, or maybe more :), about me, about why I am doing this and what my feelings are towards support of this work.

I started in programming back in 1970. I have never had any formal training but fell in love with computers, programming, systems analysis, and all that lies in between and beyond. Programming and analysis and the adjoining skills are truly a Gift from God, to me. Without any education other than high school and 1 year of college that was spent playing Pinochle and double handed Pinochle for 12 hours a day 5 days a week instead of class, God has blessed me and my family with jobs in the Fortune 100 and 500 all of my working years. Reaching levels of Management that usually were reserved for at least a 4 year degree or higher and a 6 figure income, we have truly been blessed! I learn and teach myself by reading books and just doing it. If you have seen the movie SwordFish, then you will recognize the quote from Stanley when he's asked how he cracked the DOD firewall. He said "I just see it in my head". That's really the way most of my career has happened. The more that I have been blessed, the more I wanted to give back. I have always loved to mentor and to teach others. And my Employers have willingly taken advantage of that too, in allowing me to write training manuals and procedures and to teach classes over the years. None of this is meant as brag - it's just the facts. It's why I do what I do.

Fast forward to October 1999. My management job at Sprint was in for a major change as Corporate Human Resources was told to enter into the Intranet age for its some 70,000+ employees. I needed to learn a proprietary product with its own scripting engine. In addition, I was commissioned, if you will, to rewrite Sprint's entire Succession Planning System by 1/1/2000 because the M$ Access system they had thrown together was not Y2K compatible and the programmer was long gone! So, I had the Intranet system ready to go by Christmas. As I said, I'm a quick study.

Fast forward to September of 2004. The onset or more so the maturation/peaking of severe Narcolepsy sets in. By October 2005 I am forced into disability retirement, 10 years early. 6 figures to zero, just like that. Well, not exactly zero, but retirement is a whole lot less :lol:.

Somewhere around 2001/2002 I fell in love with L.A.M.P. Being a part time Oracle/DB2/SAS DBA and pretty well versed in about 12 or so programming languages, PHP becomes my passion so I write a Guestbook (KISGB). So many people I was meeting on the Internet didn't have access to a database at that time and that's why I went with a file oriented guestbook. I met so many people during this time. PHP-Nuke was having its major split and PostNuke was spun off. I tried it a while. I liked many things about it, but then there was yet another power struggle at PostNuke and John Cox left, yet again, to go to Xaraya. Anyway, I settled on PHP-Nuke and quickly learned that FB was not interested in real help. I believed this then and all the more now - he is intimidated by people who know more than he does and he cannot stand to share the glory, if you will. Along the way I did about a year's stint as an Admin at nukecops and was part of the inner circle there. It was at that time that I met and formed a deep friendship with Chatserv and a few others. Then things at nukecops went south and I decided to concentrate on and eventually started up a hosting business also that is really starting to take off.

So what, you say?

Well, the Narcolepsy has been both a blessing and a curse. I will discuss the blessing part :). It now allows me to pursue my Nirvana of perfecting a product to reach the masses and help them to be up and running in the quickest time possible. PHP-Nuke is plagued with issues, for sure, but I hope to take it to the best possible outcome. Along the way I am cutting out (losing) a good and steady source of retirement income as others can now have for free what I was able to charge for. But, I really don't mind as people are contributing and even more exciting for me, they are excited about the product! I have so much more that I want to do and to give to the Community, and with God's help and patience, that too will be fulfilled.

Well, I have waxed on for probably too long, but many have asked me, over time, about much of what I have recorded here. This is the man behind Raven Web Services, LLC.™, which is (so far) comprised of RavenNuke™, RavenPhpScripts™ and RavenWebHosting™. Please financially support as you can. It frees me up from having to take long contractual jobs that take away from my development of RavenNuke™

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