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Future Development Plans

Important Announcement Concerning RavenNuke™ Post v2.xx.xx Development

Future Development Plans (continued)

Perfection!. Sound a bit lofty? Okay, I agree. Let's dispense with my Nirvana and get back in touch with reality.

RavenNuke™ started out as an extension to the public of what I use when I install sites. As I continued to add and to hone, and through various contacts and discussions with others, I saw even more of a need for a standard phpnuke package that would be as ready to go, out of the box as possible, and as secure as my own site. I wanted to endeavor to keep as much of the core code as possible to aid in upgrades. That, of course, is one of the biggest challenges, as base phpnuke has many challenges due mainly to the inadequacies of the core code and maintainer. So, some change is inevitable, but I don't believe that a full fledged "fork" is the way to go either - yet. That's not to say that a fork or even a brand new CMS is or would be bad. I'm just saying that I am intent on staying with what I believe was the last safe release and making it better, safer, and then adding in the most sought after add-ons and tweaks that are not the easiest to install, especially with adding patches, NukeSentinel™, etc. This could, however, lead into a Fork just through osmosis :)

So, with that as the background as to why I'm even here, let me throw out some Future Plans. These Future Plans are in no way ground in granite. This is a living document, if you will. It is prone to change due to changes in the community and observed needs.

General Operational Structure Questions and Answers

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