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Indonesia, Terrorism, and Barry Soetoro

Baron Bodissey

B.O. in Indonesia

For most of his childhood, Barack Hussein Obama lived with his mother and stepfather in Indonesia and went by the name of Barry Soetoro. During that phase of his life — despite his campaign’s assertions to the contrary — little Barry was, at least outwardly, an observant and devout Muslim.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has researched Barry Soetoro’s time in Indonesia, and also provides a summary of the current political situation in Indonesia in the following report.

Indonesia, Terrorism, and Barry Soetoro


The execution of the Bali Bombers, who called themselves “holy warriors”, but were called Muslim cowards by others, is imminent. Rumors say it might be this weekend, others claim it will happen November 7 or at least before November 20.

The three Muslim terrorists — Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Ali Ghufron (aka Mukhlas) — feared their execution: “convicts who go before a firing squad sometimes do not die immediately, causing unnecessary suffering,” they let their lawyer plead. These diabolos never considered this when they ripped apart and burned alive hundreds of Western kuffar and Indonesian citizens. But the execution will be in good hands: the elite firing squad is testing and warming up their equipment.

The (outstanding) Australian expat service this week sent around a warning message: “There have been recent arrests of high level terrorist operatives in Indonesia, but we assess terrorists are continuing to plan attacks. These attacks could take place at any time, including in places frequented by foreigners. Previous terrorist attacks against Westerners in Bali and Jakarta indicate these areas are priority targets. You should take particular care to avoid places known to be terrorist targets. See the Terrorism section for details. […] The Indonesian Government announced on 24 October that the three individuals convicted for involvement in the 2002 Bali bombing would be executed in early November 2008.”

Since the end of Ramadan, Bali is especially crowded with police. Not only around the ferry connection to Java, but also in the southwest of the island. Sudden roadblocks appear on various locations with dozens of officers checking motorcycles, cars and identities.

There is a rumor that postponing the execution was necessary to make them “nyanyi” for the last time (“make them sing,” squeeze the last drop of information out of them) and arrange for the necessary security in the country: Muslims threatened to retaliate when their fellow mass murderers would be shot. And the Australians are getting scared because of that.

The most peculiar rumor, however, is that a sort of hudna was agreed with Muslim leaders: they get their pornography bill passed in return for not becoming violent over the upcoming execution of the three Muslim butchers on death row and for the conviction of Rizieq Shihab.

Rizieq Shihab of the FPI (Islam Defenders Front) was sentenced today for “inciting hatred and instigating violence against participants of a peace rally [a rally by the National Alliance for the Freedom of Faith and Religion] at the National Monument [in Jakarta] in June”. According to the judge, he was “generating animosity and mobilizing others to commit violent acts against people and people’s property in public”. No Muslim has complained about the verdict (yet).

The other half of the deal has been executed: the Muslim Porn Bill has been passed. Muslims finally got their chance to consign “multicultural” Indonesia to the dustbin. The Religious Fascists are one step closer to making Indonesia another fully doomed colony of Saudi Arabia.

“Cries of joy and shouts of Alhamdullillah [actually they screamed: ‘Allahu Akhbar’] came from the balcony of the House of Representatives.” But “this has nothing to do with the Islamic parties,” a Muslim activist lied. A representative of the “Muslim Sisterhood”‘ said: “Insyaallah (God willing), Indonesians will eventually undergo a moral revival — the basis of a country — and later economic revival.”

Eight out of ten parties supported the bill. Only the PDI-P from Megawati Sukarnoputri and the Prosperous Peace Party opposed it. “The legislators are politicizing morality and religion. They are using this issue as a political vehicle for their battle for power,” the Komnas Perempuan [National Commission on Violence against Women] stated.

The bottom of the basket filled with random islands known as Indonesia fell out today: “Pancasila”, the five “beliefs:” Monotheism and equality of the main religions, Humanitarianism, Nationalism (unity of Indonesia), Consultative Democracy, and Justice. This was an invention of Sukarno to keep the assorted bunch of islands he inherited from the Dutch in one basket.

Neither Islamism, Socialism, Nationalism, nor Western freedoms should compete for power over one another. All should remain equal in value: a multicultural, multi-religious experiment avant la lettre that had to fail, just as all forced multicultural/multi-religious societies will fail when they do not develop in a natural way, but are orchestrated or forced together and lack a common denominator.

In the sixties, Communists (die-hard Socialists) had trouble sitting still in the Pancasila basket, went on a rampage, trying to seize absolute power by assassinations and violence, and were in return whipped by Suharto. Now the Islamists are giving it a final try and risk causing a disaster.

They already succeeded in North Sumatra and further South. The dominos keep falling all across the archipelago. Only today in Tangerang, a large city next to Jakarta, the moderate Muslim who loves the sound of crushing wine bottles and invented “make-up in handbag equals prostitute” and the “curfew for women” (all out of religious belief), Wahidin Halim, was re-elected as mayor. Ladies who dare to go out during the daytime can expect before long to be obliged to wear the mobile curfew: the Arab burka.

Now pornography (e.g. nude hands, ankles, or a swaying hip in an age-old ritual dance) is forbidden and ladies are given the choice to stay in the house or in jail. Islam has the answer to all problems it invents: like the male closet lust. Four or more obedient wives to unveil for Muslim carnivores; pre-teens for dedicated Muslim pedophiles. All legal (Sharia), all free, perverse, live, religious and private. The animated photocopy of Mohammad’s pre-mediaeval barbarian life. The only thing missing in Saudi Indonesia is a herd of camels in front of the hut, a slave market in the alun-alun (village square) and a dead desert.

People wonder whether the army will one day intervene to save the basket case called Indonesia. They kicked out the Dutch in the past, saving Indonesia from becoming another Vietnam or Cambodia, and should be brave enough to kick out the Arabs, now that it’s time to do so. But the majority of the soldiers are “religious believers” themselves, and an island like Bali is one of the key contributors to the cash box of the Muslim brothers in Jakarta.

Others think that islands like Papua, Bali, Celebes, Flores, etc., will refuse to become a colony of Islamic backwardness, and declare independence. In Bali this is a serious issue: in Solo, a city on the island of Java, it is suggested that “it should be protected under a fully enforced law. Ideally, the law would allow education, the economy and ideology (culture) to co-exist [with Jakarta’s Islamist politics], with none dominating the others.” Even Java itself risks falling to pieces.

Perhaps some islands might even consider leaving the Indonesian basket to join the still civilized Australia, Singapore, or even the Philippines. The Indonesian Army is no match for the stronger Singaporean and Australian Armies. The worst-case scenario, however, is a long-lasting low-level civil/guerilla war, as might happen in other regions in the world that are confronted with the pest-variety in their midst called “Moderate Islam”.

Obama and the USSA

What helps Islamic imperialism is the dhimmitude of the Free West. If Islam is a raging fire that turns all that is passes by to dead black dust (and it does), the West is providing the wind, the extra oxygen, instead of extinguishing it. As everybody knows in Indonesia, the American Socialist President candidate Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama Jr.) is a Kenyan-born Indonesian Muslim — at least he still had an Indonesian passport in 1981 when he went to Pakistan. He was not just an everyday Muslim in Jakarta, but one with a “fundamentalist” Socialist/Islamic upbringing.

Barry Soetoro did not only — like every Indonesian Muslim — follow compulsory Islamic classes in primary school. His observance was not cursory as his sister states, but by regular prayer and weekly by teachings.

He went often to the mosque for praying [translated]: “he was very often in the prayer room, Barry was then quite a religious Muslim.” His biological father, Barack Hussein Obama, was the Muslim economist from Kenya. Before marrying Ann Dunham, Hussein Obama married Kenyans and had seven children. All of Barry’s father’s relatives were religious Islamists. “We often previously asked him to the prayer room close to the house,” said Rony Amir, Barry’s teammate when living in H. Ramli Street, Jakarta.

Most remarkably, he was sent out by his Muslim stepfather and Muslim mother to study mengaji, the reading and reciting of the Quran in Arabic. [1]

So-called “moderate” Indonesians would never send their child to such mengaji classes; therefore his parents were not of the “moderate” sort, but were devoted Muslims. Indonesians are waiting for him to come out the closet, and believe his “Christianity” is nothing but kitman.

After the election he will admit to being a devoted Muslim, many say in comments. “I’m drawn to the idea of an American president who can wear a sarong with style, and who feels nostalgic when he hears the call to prayer,” writes a commenter in the Jakarta Post.

Barry Soetoro the Chameleon: he might be the sock puppet of the Weather Underground, the militant leftists who planned to murder 25 million Americans.

He supports his Kenyan family member, Marxist/Islamist demagogue, and instigator of the slaughter of Christians, Raila Odinga, who also had the same slogan: ““Kenyans are now yearning for change”, and in return supports Obama. Odinga kicked out Jerome Corsi for writing a critical book on Obama, and Obama didn’t oppose it. Obama did also not oppose burning Christians alive.

Anyway, whether or not Obama wants to implement the Cloward and Piven Strategy and have the white American middle class queue at the soup kitchens of the State and turn the USA into the USSA, Indonesian Muslims will be excited to see a Kenyan-born devoted Indonesian Muslim become the President of the USA.

It will embolden the Islamists to roll out sharia from west to east over the archipelago. Nothing and nobody will stop them. As Barry Soetoro could recite so well: ““Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! / Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! / I witness that there is no god but Allah / I witness that there is no god but Allah / I witness that Muhammad is his prophet…”

[1] Mengaji: “The Quran that is used by these teachers to teach these kids is mainly written in Arabic. These kids are thought how to read the Quran with the correct Tajwid, which can loosely be translated as punctuations. Once they have gone through the entire Quran, the kid is considered to have “Khattam Quran”. This means that the kid has finished reading the Quran from cover to cover. Often a large celebration is held to commemorate this occasion. […] These children are forced to attend these Mengaji Classes, where they are made to sit in front of the Ustaz and read according to the proper Tajwid. They make sure the pronunciation is correct because otherwise they might be saying blasphemous things without even knowing it.”


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Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 @ 15:02:20 EDT by Southern 

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