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Defacements Statistics 2010

 Almost 1,5 million websites defaced, what's happening?

Marcelo Almeida (Vympel), Boris Mutina (Minor)

stats 2010

Last year the Zone-​H archived a sad record num­ber, we archived 1.419.203 web­sites deface­ments.

Why and how this is hap­pen­ing?

If you are look­ing at on the stats, the things remain the same: file inclu­sion, sql injec­tion, web­dav attacks and shares mis­con­fig­u­ra­tion are still at the top ranks of the attack meth­ods used by the defac­ers to gain first access into the server. As an impor­tant fac­tor influ­enc­ing the stats we con­sider the fact that last year brought a very high num­ber of the local linux ker­nel exploits.

Since many years ago, Linux became the most used OS for web­servers and of course the pre­ferred tar­get for the defac­ers. Last year we archived 1.126.987 attacks against web­sites run­ning on the Linux sys­tems. The most used exploit by the defac­ers is the CVE-​2010 – 3301,that was fixed in 2007 and was mys­te­ri­ously rein­tro­duced in 2008, in a large pile of ker­nel ver­sions x86_​64.

But should be the out-​of-​date Linux server the only rea­son of this huge amount of deface­ments?

Yes and no.

We were talk­ing about local ker­nel exploits, but the first prob­lem is in the web­site code. For exam­ple, we received too many sin­gle deface­ments due a remote upload flaw in OsCom­merce CMS, that allows the defac­ers to upload any­thing to the CMS folder with­out a proper cre­den­tial check. When this flaw became pub­lic, the devel­op­ers had a too much time to fix it, but the fix appeared few months later. Pity.

Year after year, the devel­op­ers are still cod­ing by an unsafely, keep­ing tons of the remote and local file inclu­sion and the SQL injec­tions, that the attack­ers use as the first step to gain the access into the server OS.

Then an another prob­lem with the out-​of-​date sys­tem is that the old ker­nel ver­sions indi­cate also that another pack­ages (some­times also mis­con­fig­ured) by per­form­ing priv­i­lege esca­la­tion for the services/​users access.

But we should not speak only about the Linux servers, the Win­dows Servers are also in the stats, (not) sur­pris­ingly still hacked by the same flaws like in year 2000 and early. Every year we also recorded a high num­ber of the web­dav and shares mis­con­fig­u­ra­tion attacks. For web­dav there are tons of the updates, for shares too, admin­is­tra­tors just need to put their hands on it and update and/​or change the con­fig­u­ra­tion.

From the results one out­come is clear – code devel­oper teams and web­server admins are still liv­ing in two dis­tinct worlds. And if some­thing is not work­ing prop­erly, their answer is that this is most likely the other side’s fault. While this “fight” con­tin­ues, the deface­ment count still grows up.

If you have any com­ments, send them to comments@​zone-​h.​org


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Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 @ 15:34:18 EST by Southern 

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