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Iran: Sisters to be stoned to death after lashing sentence

Posted on Wednesday, March 05, 2008 @ 10:55:47 EST in Islam
by Southern


Two sisters have been sentenced to death by stoning in Iran for allegedly committing adultery.

Lawyer for the sisters, Jabbar Solati, told Andkronos International (AKI) they faced the death penalty after a previous sentence of 99 lashes had been carried out.

The two sisters, Azar and Zohreh Kabiri, 27 and 28 years-old respectively come from the suburb of Shahriar, near Karaj, north of Tehran.

Both are accused of an extra-marital affair and each has one child.

"The tribunal sentenced the girls to 99 lashes, but after the execution of the sentence, they were not released, but they were once again tried and sentenced to stoning," said Solati.

The lawyer said he did not have access to a video which is reportedly the only proof against the accused.

A few days ago, an Iranian music teacher, Abdollah Farivar, was sentenced to death by stoning, for having relations with one of his students.

Forty-nine year-old Farivar is married with two children.

The family of Farivar, insists that he did not commit adultery, since the teacher signed a timed marriage contract.

The only other incident of a man being stoned to death for the same charge occurred in June 2007. In the northern city of Tekestan, Jafar Kiani was stoned for living with a married woman, with whom he had two children, for more than ten years.

The barbaric tradition of stoning people guilty of extra-marital affairs was officially suspended in 2002 by orders of the Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashermi Sharoudi, also head of the judicial authority.

The practice of stoning began again last year when Jafar Kilani was put to death. Kilani's partner was also sentenced to stoning, but eventually her sentence was suspended.

According to tradition, the condemned are buried to the waist if it is a man, and to the underarms if it is a woman, and hit with stones that must not be too big to cause immediate death, nor too small not to kill.


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