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Now Why Would Coal Mines Be Laying People Off?

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 00:57:32 EST in America
by Southern

Duane Lester

Coal miners getting pink slips? What’s that about? Wouldn’t have anything to do with a president that promised to bankrupt the coal industry, would it?

    Its a tough time for hundreds of coal miners across southwest Virginia.

    That’s because they’re getting pink slips from A & G Coal, which is owned by Southern Coal Company.

    Mark Whooten is a spokesman for Southern Coal. He told News 5 who made the decision. “These layoffs are a decision by our corporate headquarters. They are market driven due to metallurgical coal market fluctuating violently at the present time.”

    The company wouldn’t tell us how many jobs they have cut, but we do know its sizeable according to the manager of the local employment office, Gary Hale. “On Monday we saw approximately about 92 folks that visited the office.”

I’m sure none of the violent fluctuations have anything to do with Lisa Jackson’s EPA and the new regulations they have imposed on the coal industry, an industry President Obama said he would bankrupt:

Sadly, Obama is keeping some of his campaign promises.

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