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Mau Mau Blood Oath

Posted on Wednesday, April 04, 2012 @ 01:51:11 EDT in Soetoro
by Southern

 -Starring Barack Obama and Maurice Strong in Kenya with Cousin Odinga

Abel Danger presents an excerpt from our 29 November 2011 discussion. A short clip with David Hawkins discussing the Mau Mau oath-taking ceremonies, Barack Obama's grandfather and Kenya. David Hawkins concludes with Maurice Strong's influence via the Mau Mau Oath and Barry "Obama" Soetoro aiding and abetting a Kenya genocide involving Raila Odinga, soon after Barack Obama's visit to Kenya in 2008.

"We've really got a situation where the enemy is deeply embedded, well camouflaged, it's using advanced military grade encryption system, and it's able to take a legitimate process, let's say a wargame exercise, and mount what they call a 'man in the middle attack' and than attribute it to any party or faction, which is intimidated by these oath-taking ceremonies.."

-David Hawkins


Free Republic

"In 2006, BHO2 sent ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Raila Odinga for his presidential run. One could say, supposedly.

The money was used to generate terror and persecution among Christians in Kenya. Churches, with parishioners inside, were burned to the ground after the election returns became public. In January, 2007, the woman who had aided Stanley Ann Dunham Obama and her newborn son to leave Nairobi, Kenya, on a BOAC flight to Vancouver, B.C., Canada, was in a U.S.State Department station wagon on a road just outside of Nairobi, when it was stopped and she and her middle-aged daughter were forced out of the vehicle and shot to death by the side of the road in front of both women's husbands.
The murderer later went to Odinga to be paid. He was paid with lead - shot to death himself. I guess Odinga kept all the money for himself."

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