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I Cannot Stand Him

Posted on Wednesday, May 02, 2012 @ 01:24:18 EDT in Soetoro
by Southern

Right Truth

I know American citizens are supposed to respect the President of the United States simply because of the office he holds,  but as the days and years go by I despise Barack Hussein Obama more and more.  I cannot stand the site of him on television.  I cannot suffer through another of his rambling, lying, self-aggrandizing, America-hating speeches.  I'm sick of his threats.  Over the years he has  resorted to veiled threats to anyone and any group that does not agree with him or that threatens his policies.


I am also sick of Republicans trying to sit on the fence and refer to Obama as a good man trying to do what he thinks is right for this country, a good man who has made some bad decisions.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Obama is not a good man.  He does not have good policies.  He does not want to do what is best for this country.  He has not simply made a few bad decisions -- he has intended to destroy the United States as we know it and as it was founded from his earliest years. Everyone around him, everyone who influenced him, supported him in his early years, were also America-haters.

I am sick of Obama insulting and working against our long time nation friends.  I'm sick of the way he has treated Israel. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama cares nothing for Israel.  It is also clear to me that Obama is sympathetic to Muslim / Arab countries.  While he is probably not a practicing Muslim himself, his sympathies are with those countries.  His religion?  His religion, in my opinion, is some strange brew of Black Liberation Theology, secularism, communism, (fill in the blanks). I'm sick of him and his administration's treatment of Islam above other religions, specifically Christianity.

I am also sick of those in his administration (both those legally serving and those advisers and czars doing the job that those vetted and approved by Congress should be doing).  I'm sick of his administration sueing hardworking people and public servants while allowing groups like the Black Panthers to intimidate voters and put bounties on American citizens with a 'dead or alive' mandate.  And I'm sick of the Republicans in Congress letting Obama get away with all this.

I'm sick of it. Sick Sick Sick of it.  I can hardly stand to listen to the news any more.

I'm sick of Obama's lack of respect for the Supreme Court.  He called them out in a joint session of Congress.  He threatens them if they do not rule his way on Obamacare.  Obama thinks the Supreme Court should defer to, rubber stamp,  whatever Congress passes, whether it is Constitutional or not.  Where is the push-back from Congress?  Three branches of government. We have them for a reason but Obama doesn't care.

I'm sick of Obama's smug face and I'm sick of his wife Michelle thinking the rules never apply to them, oh no.  They can spend whatever they want, eat whatever they want, go wherever they want, but they insist on dictating to us what we can do.  Obama does not want to be president -- he wants to be king, dictator, absolute ruler.

I pray he will be voted out of office in November.  I pray that the new president, the new Congress, will do everything in their power to reverse the damage that Obama has done. Am I hopeful that this will happen?  Hopeful, yes.  Am I expecting miracles?  No.

I'm expecting the worst, but hoping for the best.  Am I a pessimistic person?  No, I'm very optimistic, except recently and except when it comes to American politics.

The following was written by a Democrat prior to the 2008 election.  Too many Democrats felt the same way, but voted for Obama anyway simply because he was a Democrat.  To them I say a very sarcastic "thank you" idiots, you got what you deserved.  Unfortunately the rest of the country is now suffering for your stupidity.

The more I see him, the more I know this is a disaster in a disguise. I said it before and I'll say it again. I wouldn't trust him from my front door to my mailbox. Wouldn't buy a used car from him.

Everything from his facial expressions to body language, with his ever present rheumatoid arthritis curled finger to his attempts to sound like a fire breathing Baptist preacher Jimmy Swaggert at his campaign stops, do more every time to turn my stomach.

He cannot accept any responsibility for anything he did politically or otherwise that makes him look the least wrong without trying to vanilla coat it with layers and layers of circular bullshit. 151 votes of present was because he thought the bill needed more work?  I believe that calls for a NO vote Barack, not a "present." That even blew John Edwards mind.

The wagons of ammunition are being loaded by the slugs who have the Oval Office now even as I type, in the the hopes that nothing derails his nomination as our Democratic Party choice. They are counting on the sheep with rose colored glasses in all the primaries to give them that gift.

People this is no modern day Martin Luther King reincarnate. This is an arrogant, egotistical, slippery, up-to-his neck in naivete of international affairs, self adoring Junior Senator that will get steam rolled by the corporate elite and their minions within six weeks of him taking oath of office. They will explain to this president trainee how Washington works and will continue to work. And he will serve the masters.

If I have to vote for Obama in November because he is the Democrat on our ticket, I'll have no choice but to do it. But then I'll have to go home and waterboard myself.

I cannot stand Obama.

Right Truth

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