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The Grand Chessboard Is All About Oil & Natural Gas

Karl Schwarz

About 30 years ago, then President Jimmy "Mr. Peanut" Carter and his National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, had a 'peanut brain idea' that the US could take over the entire Caspian Basin mother lode of oil and natural gas if they created Al Qaeda to destabilize those Islamic areas (except for Christian Georgia) and turn them against Russia.

Well, it was a nut brain idea at the time, and it is still a nut brain idea. Here we are, about three decades later, and Russia is stronger than ever while the US is sinking like the Titanic...and its dreams of hegemony over the Caspian Basin are already sitting on the bottom of the sea.

You can view the following two maps in much larger form by visiting the websites and zooming in on them. This is the north and south part of just the Caspian Sea area and who holds the tracts of oil and natural gas. It is not a US Show, it is now an "international affair" and the US has no one to blame but itself.


Click image


Click image

When I first found these maps years ago (during the early part of the 9-11 Commission hearings), Amerada Hess had a prominent piece that was just outside of Iranian territorial waters.

They must have decided to sell that off to someone, since Thomas Keane, 9-11 Commission Chairman, is both on the board of directors and a major shareholder in Amerada Hess.

They could not stick around too long and let Americans find out that the Chairman of the 9-11 Commission and the company he represents were profiting by not looking for the truth about 9-11, or why that was used as the excuse to attack Afghanistan 'regarding a pipeline.'

If you look just southwest of Baku Azerbaijan you can find them in an older oil lease as 'Delta Hess'. That is a joint venture with their good buddies from Saudi Arabia - "Delta Oil" - and Amerada Hess.

Now, what America needs to see are similar maps for Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan to see just how Big Oil has positioned itself and is still waiting for that TAP pipeline across Afghanistan to the sea.

That is why Barack Obama and Zbigniew Brzezinski want to 'refocus' the US military on Afghanistan. They want to be the 'heroes' who get that pipeline deal done...a project that BushCo screwed up from day one when it invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 to steal the pipeline from the Bridas Corporation.

That is especially true since Zbigniew dreamed up this entire Grand Chessboard dementia due to his pathological hatred of Russia, and his obsessive desire to take the oil and gas wealth for America.

Well, uh, he failed and he will continue to fail. If Barky Obama continues to listen to him (and he has no choice), Barky will fail, too.

Of course, the US has been vehemently opposed to pipelines that are headed to other places and directing overall control of the Caspian Basin oil and natural gas in directions the US cannot control.

Remember, it was the US goal to control it all. That's why America lied, schemed, and killed for 30 years to steal it from Russia.

This Kazakhstan pipeline is extremely problematic to US pipedreams of controlling the Caspian Basin. It will flow major amounts of oil and natural gas to China. kazakhstan_pipeline_2004.pdf

If you look at who is sitting on key tracts of oil and natural gas leases for the Caspian Sea alone, you'll see it is not exactly a US- dominated show.

When you see my next article on this subject, you will know exactly why the US has lost the Grand Chessboard match.

The WORLD won, the greed-ravaged US has lost.

Short URL:
Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 @ 16:09:38 EDT by Southern 

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