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Fatah pushes for Judenrein Palestine

Posted on Friday, December 05, 2008 @ 14:51:08 EST in Islam
by Southern

Palestinian chief thug Abbas demanded that Israel pulls all settlers from Hebron. Heavily provoked by the government’s plan to evict Jews from the Peace House in Hebron, throngs of unruly Jewish youths engaged hostile Arabs in stone-throwing fights. By now, both sides keep pelting each other.

Border Police started the standard anti-riot measures. Dozens of Jews, even girls, are arrested. Some of them were not engaged in any violence but simply entered an abandoned Jewish house (Beit Shapira) nearby. Police blocked the road to Peace House in order to stop new defenders from coming; the blockade is unsuccessful.

Olmert concurs, claims Jewish pioneers are somehow a threat to Israeli democracy. Olmert is a bit inconsistent: if Israel has abandoned Hebron, the ancient Jewish capital, to Palestinians - what the events there have to do with democracy in Israel? Also, it’s great if the pioneers actually threaten the Israeli strain of democracy where state-controlled media convince Jews to abandon common sense, patriotism, and the Torah.

Obscenely, Olmert’s remarks came at his speech at Ben Gurion’s memorial. It was Ben Gurion who cleared Israeli land from Arabs, evicted them in masses, and couldn’t be anything but sympathetic to the Hebron settlers. Israeli establishment turned many hawks such as Ben Gurion, Levi Eshkol and Yitzhak Rabin into post-mortem doves.

Olmert misrepresented the Supreme Court’s decision as mandating the eviction, though the court has only allowed it.

Barak reversed his promise of two days ago, and braces for the eviction. Livni joined the chorus of self-hating Jewish leaders who prefer to be harsh on the fellow Jews rather than our enemies in Palestinian-occupied territories, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

Council of Settlements initially rejected negotiations with the government over the eviction - a welcome change from the earlier tactics of collaboration. Now they plead with the government to hang the eviction. Local Jewish leaders, on other hand, lost hope in the negotiations and openly encourage the house defenders to stock rocks.

The defense is completely disorganized, which is astonishing given a considerable number of experienced IDF-trained commandos who support the patriotic movement. Yeshiva kids who fill the house are completely unsuited for a confrontation with tough Border Police. They hyper-react to irrelevant news, vacillate between courage and fear, run randomly under stone attacks, and cannot execute most simple maneuvers. Lumpens and the unruly kids in need of being disciplined are equally useless for defense. A small contingent of two dozen trained soldiers could defend the building way better than the assorted bunch herded there by their hapless, militarily incompetent


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