The Arafat Legacy

Mourning the Architect of Modern Terror

 Mark Armstrong

Mourning the Architect of Modern Terror 
            The world’s first awareness of Palestinian terror came when Israeli athletes were murdered at the Munich Olympics in 1972 in an unbelievable incident carried out by Black September and Fatah, Arafat’s forerunner of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.   I well remember when Yassir Araftat stood before the General Assembly at the United Nations in 1971 holding an olive branch in one hand and waving a pistol in the other.  “Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand!” he warned. 

Our former president Jimmy Carter has released statements that can only be construed as honor and praise, saying that Arafat was a “powerful human symbol and forceful advocate” who organized the movement for a Palestinian homeland.

He was a powerful human symbol, alright.  Under his tutelage, young Arab children have been taught to risk life and limb confronting Israeli military forces with rocks and bottles.  Untold hundreds have been brainwashed by their own families to the point they would blow themselves to bits trying to kill innocent civilians, believing their immediate reward would be nirvana.  Meanwhile the family would receive cash payments courtesy of Yassir Arafat, financed by Saudi infusions and reportedly even by Saddam Hussein.

            Unfortunately, Arafat refused offers of “land for peace,” because a Palestinian homeland was not the ultimate objective.  Peace with Israel was never in the cards, although it received lip service, allowing Arafat to strike the pose of a diplomat.  Meanwhile he preached the annihilation of Israel doctrine to his Arabic constituency.  Parties to the un-consummated Camp David peace accords received untold sums of U.S. financial support for their pretense, and it was lauded as a great accomplishment of the Carter presidency, an unmitigated catastrophe in nearly every sense. 

            During recent years, Arafat abandoned even the appearance of wanting peace with Israel.  Constructive negotiations were impossible.  Public statements from his organization nearly always ranted “they (Israelis) are poisoning our water!”  “They are killing our children!” 

            The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded Arafat, a completely indefensible act which completely negated any legitimacy that honor may ever have held.  But Arafat leaves a legacy all right.  He is responsible for the concept that senseless murder of innocent civilians makes news, brings out cameras, and gets the world’s attention.  In his demented reasoning, which has taken hold in the Arab world, and become part and parcel with the religion of Islam, he could then use the attendant publicity to blame his enemy for being the cause of the insanity!

            As a local Muslim merchant told me in defense of 9-11, “The people are frustrated!”  I counted to ten. That’s Yasser’s logic.  Ever the politician, our re-elected President Bush said, “God bless his soul.”  You think there’s a chance? 


Michael Burkert

As I watched the morning news on both German Television and CNN International, it was obvious that the reporters are all heartbroken and in a deep sense of bereavement over the passing of terrorist king, Yasser Arafat.  However, in some circles, there is joy, that the man who murdered more Jews than anyone since Hitler, is finally beyond doing any further evil.

Unfortunately for me, I have only the anti-American European news media, or the even more anti-American CNN International to keep me abreast of world affairs.  Currently, the vast majority of news coverage is over the seemingly never ending saga of Yasser Arafat.  The way I see it, apparently Arafat has captivated the hearts and minds of Europeans to where it’s almost, ALL ARAFAT, ALL THE TIME!

Yasser Arafat was a renowned pedophile, murderer, thief and general all around thug.   While this is well known by the partisan media, it’s conveniently overlooked.  Afterall, Yasser Arafat was a “world leader.”  The talk I hear in Germany is that he was “the father of his country.”  What the partisan news media fails to reveal to the multitudes of listeners is who and what Yasser Arafat truly was.  You may know the truth about this vile little man, and then again, you may not. 


Yasser Arafat was born in Egypt in 1929.  His name at birth was Rahman Abdul Rauf Al-Qudwa, Al-Husseini.  He adopted the name Yasser Arafat as a “nom de guerre.”  His Uncle Amin was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during Hitler’s time, and Uncle Amin was an invited guest to Berlin for consultations with Der Führer in 1941.  His visit was shortly before the famed Wannesee Conference in which the “Final Solution” for the destruction of European Jewry was formulated and carried out by top Nazis.

During Amin’s visit to Berlin, he urged as many high ranking Nazis as he could find, to “immediately invade Palestine, so that the killing of Jews, as many as possible, could be carried out."  Amin pledged the unwavering support of thousands of Arabs who would assist Hitler’s Nazi butchers in accomplishing their grand task, and do it, “In the Name of Allah.”

Yasser Arafat grew to adulthood, a convinced Nazi.  To his death, he continued to hold Hitler in high esteem, and believed that National Socialism was the perfect form of government for the Arab world.  Why not?  National Socialism professes HATRED for the Jews, and promotes a “leader cult” so enjoyed by Arafat during the majority of his worthless life. 

The lie that Yasser Arafat preached and lived was the lie of Palestinianism.  Uncle Amin invented the notion that Arabs living between Jordan and the Mediterranean were somehow different than other Arabs.  The entire reason behind the myth of Palestinianism was to rationalize the murder of Jews.  That Yasser Arafat was able to convince an anti-Semitic world of this lie is understandable.  It was a lie that today, continues to be accepted as truth through the partisan media that plagues much of the world.

The goal of the Palestinian Liberation Organization has been, and remains:  “The slaughter of every Jew in Israel, driving them into the sea.”  I can hardly understand the world’s “awe” over the passing of Yasser Arafat.  It’s mind boggling to me, that so much media coverage is being devoted to a mass killer artificially turned “hero.”


Yasser Arafat is today being touted as a “great leader” of the Palestinian people.  As the German press reported, “the father of his country.”  What he really is the “father” of, is modern day terrorism.  Arafat’s PLO has the goal of establishing a Palestinian state through the complete destruction of Israel.  Arafat never wavered from that goal.  He simply couldn’t do so, for a very good reason. 

Territory under Muslim control is referred to as Dar Al-Islam, or the “domain of Islam.”  Islamic law makes no provision for ever relinquishing control of land.  Once in the Islamic fold, TERRITORY CAN NEVER BE CEDED TO INFIDELS.  Land lost through war must eventually be reclaimed by Muslims.  France and Spain should be concerned as sometime in the future, there will be an attempt to reclaim by force European lands lost by the Islamics hundreds of years ago.  This will likely be part of the King of the South “pushing at the King of the North,” as written by the Prophet Daniel. 

Arafat unleashed terrorism on the world.  Unbelievably, he used terrorism to gain legitimacy.  However, while the deceived world views Arafat as a “reformed terrorist,” and now a “statesman,” it’s clear that he could never have achieved world status had it not been for his use of terror.  As noted above, Arafat had his chance to establish a Palestinian nation, yet turned down the proposals set before him by then President Clinton, and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.  It became clear that Arafat didn’t want peace…he wanted Israel, and all of it! 

Instead of offering a counterproposal to the generous Israeli plan, Arafat unleashed a barrage of terror, homicide bombings, shootings, kidnappings and murders of nearly two thousand innocent Israelis.

Will the Death of Arafat Bring Peace?

Chris Cumming

The World news media is awash in headlines all excited about renewed prospects for peace in the Middle East now that Yasser Arafat is dead.  Here are just a handful of the hundreds of headlines I encountered on the Internet this morning…

Bullets, Tears, Hopes of Peace After Arafat's Death

World Recalls Arafat the Icon, Hopes for Peace

Gloomy Arabs wonder if Israel willing to make peace

EU starts push for Mideast peace

Singapore: Arafat's death chance for peace

Bush Hopes Peace Comes to Palestinians

Russia interested in peace in Middle East

World leaders hope that in death Arafat will achieve peace

Is peace possible now?  Has anything really changed?  Can the EU, Russia or the United States bring peace for the Palestinians?  Will Jihad continue?  The answers are right there in the stories behind those headlines.

In a Reuters article published this morning, President Bush is quoted as saying “I think we've got a chance [for peace]."   However, one paragraph later, U.S. officials are hedging with concerns involving the uncertainty of who will succeed Arafat and continued terrorism in Israel and elsewhere.

This theme continues in a number of articles.  A piece in the Houston Chronicle quoted Hamas as saying:

“The loss of the great leader will increase our determination and steadfastness to continue Jihad and resistance against the Zionist enemy until victory and liberation is achieved.

“Iran -- Muslim but not Arab and long an opponent of the peace process -- urged Palestinians not to let Israel take advantage of a vacuum.”

Tod Robberson of the Dallas Morning News today wrote:

“Even though Palestinian officials say they have an orderly succession plan to replace leader Yasser Arafat, Arabs and Israelis agree that a power vacuum seems inevitable whenever any four-decade, one-man dynasty suddenly comes to an end.

“Many Middle Eastern analysts wonder if it will be a simple political tug-of-war or a confrontation among armed factions who are willing to use violence.

“Either way, the analysts warn, Palestinians and Israelis should brace for uncertain and possibly unstable times.”

In a Reuters story, Matthew Tostevin writes:

“Even without the state he hungered for, Yasser Arafat managed to build as tangled a web of power and patronage as any of the region's autocrats.

“For a successor to take up all the strands after he [Arafat] was declared dead on Thursday is a recipe for certain confusion and paralysis alongside the decay and division of a fiefdom broken by the past four years of fighting with Israel.

“With no obvious inheritor to his mantle as icon of the struggle, the chances of anyone else being able to make big concessions for peace with the Jewish state is also minimal.”

Yasser Arafat did nothing to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East.  Chaos and terrorism will likely continue according to the pattern he established.

Arafat’s Example and Legacy

How can the world realistically expect peace from any would-be Palestinian leader when we look at the example Arafat left?  This was probably expressed best in the article, “Life and Peace After Arafat” in the Sydney Morning Journal:

“The Palestinian Authority was cracking under the twin burdens of incompetence and corruption. Like many of his inner circle, Mr. Arafat siphoned off handsome sums to his Swiss bank accounts while too many of his people lived in misery and squalor. Mr. Arafat ran the authority like a personal fiefdom. He took all decisions and rotated his officials to ensure they never stayed in one place long enough to build a personal following. Even as the death toll in the new intifada pushed into the thousands, Mr. Arafat remained defiant in the rubble of his compound. In reality, the Palestinian cause was so radicalized by dashed hopes - and Israeli military bombardments - that Mr. Arafat's effectiveness as a negotiator was fading. He so feared that a compromise would trigger a backlash against his personal authority that he chose chaos instead.”

There is little to indicate this trend will not continue in a new leader.  Add to this all the instilled hate among the Palestinian people.  How can this be washed out with the death of Arafat?  Indeed some Palestinians are claiming Israel poisoned Arafat!  Khaled Mashaal, leader of Hamas: "I hold Israel responsible for the crime of the death of Arafat ... All reports by doctors in the last two weeks indicate he was poisoned," Mashaal told the Al Jazeera satellite television.  How’s that for advancing  the peace process?

A frustrated EU, Russia or US Will Act

Right now, the EU, Russia and the United States are all voicing guarded hope for peace and a renewing of the “roadmap peace plan” in the Middle East.  In the event of a war involving Israel, we may very well see military intervention into the Middle East by one or more of these nations.  Even Arafat had asked for intervention by outside peacekeepers in the months prior to his death.  This could very well lead to a fulfillment of prophecy, which has us looking for Jerusalem compassed with armies (Luke 21:20).

It was Yasser Arafat himself who stated, “Palestine is the cement that holds the Arab world together, or it is the explosive that blows it apart.”

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