America Coordinated Security with Suspected Hamas Agent

JERUSALEM -- The director of a major Palestinian Arab security force who coordinated security directly with American officials is suspected of being an agent for the Hamas terror organization, The New York Sun has learned.

Yussef Issa, director of the Preventative Security Services, is accused by Palestinian Authority President Abbas' Fatah organization of working on behalf of Hamas, Fatah sources said. The PSS was the largest of the American-backed Fatah security forces that operated in Gaza until Hamas took over the territory last month. The force continues to operate in the West Bank and coordinated security there with America.

Mr. Issa was one of a handful of top Palestinian militia leaders to hold regular security meetings with Lieutenant General Keith Dayton, the American security coordinator in the region, and with General Dayton's American team. The meetings were largely aimed at implementing the Dayton Plan, which called for America to strengthen Mr. Abbas' security forces against the rival Hamas group.

Last week an official Fatah committee presented Mr. Abbas with a 200-page investigation into the conduct of Fatah leaders and security officers who lost the Gaza Strip to Hamas. The report found the Fatah security forces in Gaza were infiltrated by "hostile elements," including Hamas.

A member of the inquiry committee said last week some 60 Fatah security officers would face courts-martial shortly. But Fatah sources said the actual number of suspected Hamas infiltrators was much larger.

A senior Mr. Abbas aide, Nabil Amr, who served on the committee, told reporters Fatah security forces were in a "state of infiltration" by Hamas.

NY Sun

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