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PVV: Act rock-hard against anti-Semitic street terrorists
Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 @ 17:55:01 EST
Topic: Cognation

— Questions in parliament

Questions by Members of Parliament De Roon, Wilders, and Fritsma (all PVV) put to the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Internal Affairs concerning the weak police response against Arab street terrorists in Rotterdam:

1.)   Do you know of the reports on the riots that Moroccan and Palestinian youth caused on January 10 and 11?

2.)   What anti-Semitic slogans were yelled in Arabic by these hooligans?

3.)   Do these slogans in your opinion to qualify as racially offensive, and furthermore do these slogans incite hatred, violence, or discrimination because of race? If yes, why didn’t the police arrest the perpetrators?

4.)   Of what other unlawful acts have these hooligans made themselves guilty? Why did the police forego arresting them? Do you agree with us that the police should have arrested these street terrorists?

5.)   Are you going to ask the Rotterdam Mayor, Aboutaleb, why he didn’t give the order for a stricter police response towards these Arab street terrorists? If not, why not?


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