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Support the Palestinians, Support Israel
Date: Monday, January 26, 2009 @ 13:28:14 EST
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Baron Bodissey

Below is an op-ed by Poul Højlund from yesterday’s Jyllands-Posten, translated from the Danish by Henrik Ræder Clausen:

Support the Palestinians, support Israel

The brutal truth is that Gaza has become a lawless Hell on Earth, and that Hamas is guilty of making it so. Exclusively. We’d better abandon the idea of “but on the other side…”, writes Poul Højlund.

Hamas constitutes a horrible pestilence on the Palestinian society in Gaza. Anyone still harboring doubts concerning this is encouraged to review some of the many videos found on the Internet and on YouTube. What can be found there defies description.

A collection of raving mad killers terrorizing their own population and killing indiscriminately, senseless in their lust for blood, out of their minds in insanity. Please go see for yourself, but be prepared to face some deeply unpleasant ethical questions.

How can we bring this gang of madmen under control? This is worse than the worst of the Taliban, Hell of Medieval dimensions, but lacking the angels. They roam Gaza City in brand new SUVs paid for by the European Union, shooting at will.

Music, dance and alcohol are, Taliban-style, banned. One video shows a traditional wedding with singing. It triggers a bloodbath. The Hamas bullies suddenly appear in large Jeeps, shoot people, beat them more or less to death (hard to ascertain due to video quality), destroying anything in their way. The Medieval legal system called Sharia has been adopted by parliament, and even Crucifixion has now been adopted as a punishment.

No Arab state wishes to deal with Hamas. The Palestinian Authority withdrew from Gaza after a bloodbath barely known in the West. There exists no ‘moderate’ Hamas, and no effective central command able to order a ceasefire. There is only a gang of insane killers far astray from humanistic thinking.

One can watch the leaders of Hamas encourage murder, terrorism, the elimination of Jewry, the conquest of Rome, of Western Europe, worldwide holy war, the sacrifice of their own women and children in the struggle against the Jews. The total indoctrination of children of kindergarten age, complete with using real guns for toys, gender segregated schools, and veiled women. It would seem that Taliban has conquered Gaza.

How shall we ever succeed in reining in Hamas?

Decent people — and who is not? — believe in ceasefires, peaceful solutions, and some are still trying to make Israel and Hamas equivalent partners in a dirty battle. Or one simply closes one’s eyes, repeating “There is always trouble in the Middle East.” Even some Danish politicians, like Margrethe Auken [Socialist Peoples’ Party], claim that “Israel is the criminal.” No greater lie can be found.

We hear, again and again, that Hamas was voted in by democratic means. Ole Sippel on DR [Danish national television], claims that election to be the most democratic ever held in any Arab country. But he conveniently forgets the ensuing coup d’état, where the members of Fatah were either killed or expelled from Gaza. Even if Hamas is democratically elected, so what? Not even the largest of majorities can transmute a terrorist organization into anything other than the terrorist organization it is. The Nazis of Germany also came to power after so-called democratic elections. Does that justify even the smallest of their crimes?

The brutal truth is that Gaza has become a lawless Hell on Earth, and that Hamas is guilty of making it so. Exclusively. We’d better abandon the idea of “but on the other side…”, of moral equivalence.

We are facing what constitutes a complete collapse of anything we relate to ‘society’ and ‘civilization’. And there is no reason to believe that Israel has any part in the calamity.

Neither should one believe the Norwegian doctor, who amidst all his surgery always has ample time to provide comments to any and all television stations, courtesy of Hamas ‘journalists’. He is a hardcore old-school communist, who actively applauded the terrorist attacks on World Trade Center in New York. His purpose is so obvious that some serious self-scrutiny should be shown by the media who uncritically pass on his propaganda.

The only news coming out of Gaza is that controlled and endorsed by Hamas. Every single time a newspaper brings pictures from Gaza, one can be certain that it is part of the Hamas propaganda effort. This does not imply, of course, that it is fun to be a Palestinian in Gaza in these weeks. Quite to the contrary. War is awful, war in a city indescribable.

The Israelis distribute flyers encouraging civilian Palestinians to get to safety. Hamas blocks them from doing so, and instead pushes them in front of themselves as human shields. Hamas desires and creates a maximum of civilian suffering and death, which subsequently is used by uncritical media worldwide as ‘evidence’ of the just battle of Hamas and the cruelty of Israel.

The Palestinian inhabitants of Gaza are locked into this inferno. The borders are closed, there is no way out. Suspicions of insurgency are punished by executions on the spot, or in milder cases with the infamous ‘Hamas shot’, vertically through the knee and the lower leg leaving through the foot. The victim will never walk again.

Israel has taken on the dirty job of breaking Hamas. Commentators from DR claim this is due to the upcoming Israeli elections. The Danish minister of foreign affairs claims that Israel is using excessive military force. The United Nations talks about ‘proportionality’. Norway supports Hamas. The European Union is making payments to Hamas under the cover of ‘humanitarian aid’. Those SUVs are not coming out of nowhere, for sure.

Israel needs every kind of support we can provide them. Margrethe Auken talks of the Hamas rockets as ‘paper rockets’, as opposed to the professional army of Israel. She supports Hamas, while she takes cover under the grand shield of Christianity and humanism. Her party chairman, the amazingly popular Villy Søvndal, systematically claims that Israel is performing ‘carpet bombings’ of Gaza. He also supports Hamas.

Why is the Left so systematic in its support of the vilest scum of the Earth? Probably not due to inability to recognize a terrorist when they face one. But then, why? Ignorance, perchance? But where does it come from? Why are the journalists and editors not relating what really goes on?

I can’t find any other plausible explanation than creeping anti-Semitism, lurking right below the humanitarian surface. This, of course, is a harsh accusation. Thus, let me repeat it: Behind the inexplicable goodwill towards Hamas hides a creeping anti-Semitism. There is no other rational explanation.

Where were all the soft leftist well-meaning humanitarians and the enraged journalists when the Chechens were killed by the thousands by the Russians? Where are they when the population of Darfur is murdered by Arab militia? Where are they with regards to the rampant killings in Congo?

Nowhere, for in these cases it is not Israelis on the other side. To put it briefly. As long at it is not the Israelis (read: “Jews”), these nice humanitarians are not reacting. They are mum, they see nothing, they plainly do not care. But as soon as Israel (read: “the Jews”) are on the other side, they react.

This is probably not something they will realize themselves. We have, after all, all been inoculated against anti-Semitism. But then I suggest them to ask deep within: Why is this police action, by military means, of such importance when you know about the scum on the other side?

Israel, on the other hand, is proceeding with all possible precautions. Perhaps 800 were killed after 14 days of action in one of the most densely populated areas on Earth, the vast majority of those killed being Hamas militants. Some of the ‘civilians’ are Fatah staff, or simply critics, killed by Hamas, others still have been used by Hamas as human shields to hide behind.

The democratic state of Israel lost 1176 citizens, with an additional 9,000 wounded, due to Hamas terrorism in the years 2000 through 2008. None of these were terrorists. Nor were they terrorist sympathizers. Not a single one of them. Their ‘crime’ consisted of riding a bus, queuing up at the bakery, dancing at a discothèque or simply being around in their own country.

What did the gentle humanitarians say back then? Nothing. Why did they close their eyes towards the murderous inhumane behavior of Hamas towards both Israel and their own population, and why is their conscience constructed in such a peculiar way as to turn Israel into the crook here?

Why don’t we help the Palestinians by helping those taking action to rid them of the criminal regime they are subjected to? Why do we not support the only state on Earth willing to do the hard work here? Why do we even imagine there can be a genuine ceasefire as long as Hamas remains in power?

But no. We see support demonstrations for Hamas, with leftwing party Enhedslisten tailing along. We see violent ‘peace demonstrations’ solely against Israel. Our foreign affairs committee is called in (by the possibly well-meaning Jeppe Kofoed) solely to protest against Israel. We face a national and international press almost in unison failing to report on the atrocities of Hamas.

It is about time that Denmark and the Danes came to their senses regarding what goes on in the world. To help the Palestinians, we should support Israel.


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