British Women Pay High Price for Multiculturalism
Date: Monday, February 16, 2009 @ 11:47:38 EST
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For decades, the British people have undergone an onslaught of aggressive government propaganda schemes intent upon preparing them to first accept the multicultural totalitarian assault and to become a veritable doormat for millions of colonizers -- the vast majority being from Islamic countries.   There was no public debate nor any citizen vote - multiculturalism, along with militant political correctness - were thrust upon and infected the populous of Great Britain like the Black Plague.

Multiculturalism - rather than being based on mutual respect - is a parasitic ideology that encourages immigrants, to not assimilate and to aggressively insist the invaded Western countries be subservient to them and their cultures. In my opinion, multiculturalism demands 'reverse assimilation' or the inevitable loss of the indigenous culture as native populations are brainwashed, goaded, shamed and threatened to place all other cultures above their own. The following is primarily about Britain (and later more specifically England) but the same could be said about much of Europe - and likely soon to be in the USA.

Ever growing numbers of muslims entered/enter Britain via immigration, political asylum and family reunification. They quickly learned that multiculturalism gives them top priority and as the prioritization pendulum swung towards the muslim population and away from the British indigenous population- the reverse assimilation began - and continues today. The British people, like most "Westerners",  viewed multiculturalism through their Christianity  based rose-colored glasses and wanted to be seen as caring and accepting of others. Rather than being seen as a magnanimous, by the followers of Islam, such noble traits are seen as weakness or dhimmitude.

Thus it comes as no surprise that increasingly the British people and their traditions are taking a back seat.  British children are being brainwashedwith with mutliculti/Islamic propaganda-made to feel shame for their British heritage  (see also HERE).  National pride is said to be xenophobic and racist - even the English Cross of St. George flag and traditional parades are banned.  Beloved toys and dolls are doomed to the dust bin for being perceived (by the Important Ones aka - muslims) as "offensive". People are made to feel selfish and racist if they don't embrace the droves of immigrants.  Even Britain's top Christian leader abandoned his "flocks" to jump on the "accommodation" bandwagon. Cities are chastised, by their own government officials, as being "hideously white".  which went along the despicable lie that only whites are racist and commit the bulk of race hate crimes - despite the exact opposite has long been known to be the truth.  The term racism has become the equivalent if not worse than Nazism. One can almost be deafened by the noise from the collective knee-knocking and teeth-chattering that occurs whenever some multicultural automaton trots out the "racist" club as time and time again the British people watched the verbal bludgeoning of non-conformers (aka "racists") whose reputations and careers were destroyed or the offender was arrested - a FEW examples HERE - HERE and HERE --- Even a mentally disabled teenager was not exempt from being denounced as a racist. The media played their role by sensationalizing the political correctness provoked lynchings -so called human rights and hate crime legislationwas enacted to further silenced any dissension.  Thus, the British people were sufficiently cowed & primed for escalating muslim immigration-- with the invading hoards heralded in Orwellian terminology as "enhancers". Multiculturalists are ecstatic....and in purposeful denial....of the travesty, under the guise of "diversity, that they have laid upon the British people. Very few true believers admit to seeing the indigenous cultural suicide caused by multiculturalism and the downside of diversity.

Thus the Quranic inspired desire for muslim domination or Global Caliphate has flown into the UK on a multicultural magic carpet as multiculturalism and Islamisation have become virtually synonymous. The muslim colonization of Britain is encouraged and viewed with delight by drooling, pandering, vote whoring, social engineering, lefty politicians and open border globalizers. While disingenuously waving the multicultural banner, muslims have availed themselves of hundreds of years of British civilization/benefits/ social housing and health care, etc.  In other words, they have cherry picked all the good that Britain has to offer but, like true invaders, they have thumbed their noses at assimilation and set up no go areas where they can continue to live their Sharia Law ruled lives, embrace the ideology of Islam, show preference for muslims - and let the millions of non muslim British taxpaying "slaves" fund muslims new "western lifestyles". Including financing the  importing of multiple wives,  and the exploding muslim birth population- both of which allows muslims to partake of even more lucrative, financial benefits and frees many of them up to spend full time running their own anti-British political agendas all while providing others with extra time to rant against the "infidels" - the same infidels that pay for their every need and  mega-family's existence.  Ludicrously but not surprisingly, even Osama Bin Laden's Right Hand Man and his family are "set for life" on British benefits.


Clearly the native British society, as a whole, have been negatively affected by multiculturalism/Islamization but the indigenous British women and girls are paying an even higher price - as evidenced by the soaring numbers of of them being victims of muslim rapes and sexual assaults. Spanning from children to young girls to an 82 year old elderly woman - none are safe from what is described as  Rape Jihad.  Unfortunately these victims are not a priority for the Labour government - the same political party that has pushed muslim immigration down the throats of the British people.

The political ideology called Islam is at the core of why muslim men rape and disrespect the "infidel" women. -A few (far from complete) statements of what the Religion of Peace teaches muslim men about the worth of women and the raping of the kuffar:

--"Islam gives an open license to Muslim men to have sexual intercourse with women as long as these women are not Muslims and/or when these Muslim men are living in an infidel country." Link

--Islamic courts judge raped women- not as victims-but as adulterers.

--Islam and paedophilia

--Women/girls not wearing headscarves or dressing in Western clothing are "asking for rape"

--In Islam there is no such thing as rape

--and How Sharia Law punishes raped women

--The status of women in Islam

For more on this go to HERE or HERE or HERE

Britain has headed down the same "rape path" as other neighboring  "enhanced" multiculturalized countries, such as Norway, where two out of three rapes are committed by men of "non Western backgrounds".   Oslo hospital emergency clinics are overburdened with rape victims. Well know blogger Fjordman has chronicled how authorities in both Sweden and Norway have purposely obfuscated the increasing numbers of violent "immigrant" rapes on non-muslim women and Oslo muslim men being six times more likely to commit the crime of rape.

Muslims currently account for approximately 3% of the British population - with muslim men being an even smaller percentage - one must be alarmed at the high rate of rape/sexual assault crimes caused by so small a group.  The incidences of reported rapes have climbed to record numbers  - while the below statistics are not broken down by groups - there is no denying that the numbers of reported rapes, committed in Britain, correspond to the huge increase in the muslim population in recent years. The British police have been cited for a "culture of skepticism" when it comes to rape investigations which accounts for the low numbers of prosecutions. British communities have also neglected rape victims - with 100 local authorities threatened with legal action over claims they have failed to provide rape support centers and specialised services to women victims of rape, domestic violence and abuse.


The British police frequently choose to close their eyes to the obvious pattern of muslim sexual attacks and rape of British women - preferring instead to let women pay the price for "keeping the peace" .  One quarter of reported rapes are never investigated.  The (non Sharia) British judicial system goes along with the asinine idea that muslim men cannot control their hands and genitals around women and choose to keep blinders on when it comes to acknowledging that muslim men are responsible for their actions - even going so far as to give muslim men a "pass".  Far too many judges purposely ignore the precepts of Islam that help to create and enable muslim rapists -- stating these men are just victims of bad character with "disturbed views about sexual entitlement and appropriate sexual behaviour."  Such judicial muslim apologists pave the way for the perverted Islamic justification that western women are guilty for provoking muslim men to rape.

Even the British national media & tabloids consistently refuse to "connect the dots" and report about the obvious pattern of muslim perpetrated rape. (See below) Feminists have turned a blind eye to the obvious.

Thus politicians, bureaucrats, police, judges, national media and feminists are all complicit in their silence and British women continue to be weekly victims of the Religion of Peace.

The glaring question must be asked -  can and will the British choose to overthrow the shakles of multiculturalism/islamisation and protect their girls and women? --or will the British female continue to be thrown upon the funeral pyre along with British culture, laws, courage and humanity?

**Recently some local activists are trying to provide security for their neighborhood - this action was prompted by the rape of a 19 year old girl and, of course, they are portrayed negatively by the press. Is it any wonder that the British people feel the need to provide their own protection? --especially in light of THIS.


In order to give the reader an idea of the prevalence of muslim men raping of British women and girls - I took one local city newspaper (anticipating that rapes would at least make the local news)  and searched the word "rape" - below are the results, culled for those that deal with likely muslim male rape or sexual assault in approximately one and one half year period from The Watford Observer (online). Additionally, a couple of rape articles were included which indicate some cities are recognizing the growing rape problem. In order to further investigate my premise of large, national newspapers purposely ignoring muslim rape I searched the  The Times Online website back to March 1, 2008 and found NO- I repeat NO - articles dealing with the rape or sexual assault of non-muslim English women by muslim men despite there being 28 cases cited in the Watford Observer. (Something tells me I could have gone back in time even further with zero results. I also noted were no articles noted of muslim men raping British muslim women.)  I was not surprised - The Times Online had three articles regarding black cab (non-muslim) white rapist, John Worby, yet not one alert to British women regarding the prevalence of muslim mini cab driver rapes- see below.

CAVEAT: The mainstream media, and local newspapers, try their best to obfuscate the identity of muslim criminals by using terms such as "Asian" or "youth" or totally leaving out any idea as to ethnicity  -I did not include any articles that were so ambiguous.  Also many rapes are committed by teenagers who's identities are protected by law.  The point being that many inconclusive articles regarding rapes/sexual assaults were eliminated by me as unsuitable for this blog.  Plus - those of us who blog about the Religion of Peace know the propensity, by the media, to quickly delete news articles that place muslims in a "bad light" so it's likely some online reports of rape could have "disappeared" into the internet dust bin.

The below is truly shocking yet just the "tip of the iceberg" and should be viewed as such:

The Watford Observer articles:

12/09  Ibrahim Mansouri jailed for repeatedly raping and stabbing a pregnant teenager

12/09  Tunisian raped disabled boy

11/08  Noor Hussain danced around the victim, threatening to use a knife, while his friend raped her

11/08 Croydon rapes up 'truly shocking' 70%

11/08 Sutton police fail to explain ‘dramatic’ rise in sex crimes

9/08  14 yr old girl raped in Harrow park

7/08  Anosh Ahmed faces deportation for sexual assault in internet cafe - threatened to kill victim

6/08  Salim Saeed Yousif charged with rape and kidnapping

5/08  Fake Gas & water checker rapes 18 yr. old

3/08  Man jailed for brutal rape

12/07 A TRUSTED GP has been convicted of rape and sexual assault on virgins he met through the internet.

12/07 Man convicted of 'mini-cab' rape

10/07 Victims devastated by 'freedom to rape'

09/07 Rape occurs every five days in Waltham Forest

05/07 New figures reveal Lambeth is the rape capital of London

05/07 Jailed for 'despicable' rape

Add to the above the sexual attacks listed in my July 2008 blog- THE MUSLIM RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE OF BRITISH GIRLS - various news sources

07/08  Girl -14  -raped while out walking her dog

06/08  Man jailed for committing more rapes while on bail for rape

07/08  Sex Attack by mosque leader "Changed my girl" says Mum

07/08  Muslim man kidnaps 14 yr old girl for sex

04/08  Asad Mahmood and Haqnawez Razzaq accused of rape & sexual assault of four 13 yr. old girls at amusement park

Add to the above some of the assaults/rapes by mini cab drivers or "pretenders" listed in my 11/08 blog UK epidemic - muslim cab drivers raping British girls and women - various news sources

10/08  Abul Malik. 29.  raped 19 yr. old female student - he was angry she didn't have all the fare money
Murtaza Mateen, aged 47, lured 42 year old woman into his taxi & raped her, Jan 2007
Shahjahan Islam, 27, linked by DNA to attempted rape of lone young woman, Nov 2008

Rami Kayyali, 26, found guilty of raping young woman, Nov 2008

Asian - bogus taxi driver, in his mid-20s, wanted for attempted rape of 18 yr. old girl, Mar 2008

Asian male, aged in his late 20s or early 30s, wanted for brutal rape of 24 yr old woman, Aug 2008

Asian "taxi driver", in his 40s, sought in rape of teenager, Nov 2008

Add to the above the following recent instances of rape and sexual assaults - various news sources - hat tip to all who forwarded them:

01/09 BOGUS doctor Yaqub Hussain sexually assaulted an 82-year-old widow in her own home while "examining" her.

01/09 Sex offender, Rizwan Asghar, who subjected a 17-year-old girl to a sustained terror attack with an electric hedge trimmer is jailed

01/09  Would be rapist, Gulzaman Khan, finally jailed

01/09  100 councils lack rape support centres

2/09  Mosque teacher, Mahmood Qadri, jailed for seven years for child molestation

02/09  Police hunt for Iranian failed asylum seeker on rape charge

11/08 Police hunt for sexual assault attacker


The multicultural facilitated Islamo-assisted suicide of Great Britain is nearing completion  --- the collective British wrists have been slit -- the fatal bleeding has begun - at best will be some immediate surgery to repair the damage and to stop the cultural fatality from continuing--- but the remaining deep, ugly scars -- for the ever growing numbers of raped & molested British women and children -- will never disappear.


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