Texas Plans Ban of Vista From Government PCs
Date: Sunday, April 05, 2009 @ 23:56:24 EDT
Topic: Texas

Marcus Yam

Earlier this week, the Texas state Senate gave preliminary approval to a policy that would forbid the installation of Windows Vista on government computers.

ZoomEveryone, including Microsoft, knows that Windows Vista isn’t the most appreciated of operating systems. Large businesses have chosen to stick with Windows XP for support issues, and some consumers shy away from Windows Vista based on performance and other things they have heard.

Even though Windows 7 is nearly upon us, the Texas state Senate gave preliminary approval to a budget that would include a policy to ban the use of Windows Vista on government computers.

ComputerWorld reports that Sen. Juan Hinojosa proposed the bill because "of the many reports of problems with Vista."

"We are not in any way, shape or form trying to pick on Microsoft, but the problems with this particular [operating] system are known nationwide," Hinojosa said. "And the XP operating system is working very well."

While the bill also outlines that agencies who have a use for Windows Vista would have to first get the written approval of the Legislative Budget Board.

Microsoft was predictably disappointed by the proposal. "We're surprised that the Texas Senate Finance Committee adopted a rider which, in effect, singles out a specific corporation and product for unequal treatment,” a spokeswoman wrote. “We hope as the budget continues to go through the process, this language will be removed."

Texas Department of Information Resources spokesman David Duncan said that the department’s 265 employees remain on Windows XP and Mac OS X, and might skip straight to Windows 7 at the next upgrade. "We're not holding off as a reaction to what Microsoft is producing," he said, adding that Windows 7 also fits better with the agency’s upgrade cycle.

This still another black mark on Windows Vista, but fortunately for Microsoft, Windows 7 is the next big thing.


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