Muslim enslavement of Africans
Date: Monday, April 13, 2009 @ 00:21:36 EDT
Topic: Islam

Ever wonder why Muslims are slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Black Africans (most of whom are Muslims) in Sudan today?

Islamic history is the world’s primary driving force behind black African slavery. The Islamic black slave trade engendered brutality, sexual concubinage, and elicited an extremely high death toll during the slave transports. The Islamic slave trade comprehensively dwarfs any other slave trade in recorded human history.

The Qur’an specifically allows the taking of slaves as war booty from any unbelievers. Black slaves were castrated by Muslims as they were believed to have uncontrollable sexual appetites. While most slaves bound for the Americas were brought for agricultural purposes, slaves bound for Arab countries were used for sex and the military. Twice as many women as men were enslaved by Muslims. But most of the children born to these women were killed. The death toll from 1400 years of the Arab slave trade is estimated to be between 112 and 140 million.


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