PM Netanyahu sent a letter to the countries that boycotted the Durban Conference
Date: Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 00:45:30 EDT
Topic: Hebrews

The Prime Minister wrote in the letter:

"As Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day, I am writing to express my appreciation for your decision not to participate in the Durban II conference in Geneva.   

That decision helps restore a measure of sanity in a world in which a conference against racism gives a platform to the head of a regime that denies the Holocaust and openly seeks to perpetrate a new one through the destruction of the Jewish state.

With the most basic values of humanity under assault, your government took an unequivocal moral stand. It is my fervent hope that this stand taken by your country and a handful of others will mark a turning point in this battle and that moral clarity will once again prevail in world affairs.”

Prime Minister of Israel

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