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Is the world really going to end on December 21 2012?
Date: Thursday, May 07, 2009 @ 16:14:37 EDT
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John Kehne

Is the world really going to end on December 21 2012? That is perhaps the most frequently asked question I receive from visitors to my website www.December212012.com. The short answer is most likely no. We as human beings have no possible way of knowing when and how our planet will end. However, we are smart enough and intuitive enough to know when sure and imminent danger is near, and we must be willing to recognize and react to signs of coming change. More importantly we must realize that our entire universe along with our very existence runs in cycles, and evidence of these cycles has been scientifically proven and their recurrence is inevitable. Based on my research and studies into the many theories, prophecies, predictions and facts surrounding 2012, I have come to realize that our world is not set to completely end anytime soon. However, we can be certain that some very dramatic and devastating changes are coming, and these changes will most definitely represent the end of the world “AS WE KNOW IT”.

We are currently and unquestionably immersed in the final years of a thirteen-year global tribulation that began on the winter solstice 1999 and will reach its ultimate conclusion on December 21 2012. During this period of unrest and uncertainty we will become witnesses to a gathering storm of events that will slowly and systematically redefine our existence on this planet. These events will come in the form of both natural and manmade disasters as well as social, economic and religious upheavals, and will most definitely effect every living being on the planet. When featured on the local, network and cable news outlets, these events will be described in terms such as “never before seen”, “worst on record”, “apocalyptic” and yes, “the end of the world”.

As the days continue to countdown to Dec. 21 2012, we will begin to experience a number of natural disasters and unprecedented weather events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, droughts and many other extraordinary life threatening natural events. Although our planet has always experienced nature’s destructive wrath in one form or another, these disasters will become increasingly more frequent and significantly more intense then any we have ever experienced. Along with the increased property damage and economic losses associated with these disasters, the lose of human life will increase exponentially. As these extreme weather events continue to develop, they will help to significantly increase global famine, disease, pandemics and many other forms of human suffering. Massive floods will devastate, extreme heat will decimate and intense fires will incinerate the very ground on which we stand. Tornadoes will strike in uncommon places and at uncommon times of the year. Severe thunderstorms with intense lighting and uncommonly strong winds will become more prevalent, and the earth will rumble with unusual and unidentifiable sounds of stress.

In addition to natural disasters, mankind itself will initiate its own near destruction through the use of social, economic, chemical, biological and nuclear warfare. In a push for power and global domination you will begin to see the world governments respond to perceived threats from other nations with unprecedented force and extreme violence. This continuing show of force will undoubtably lead to a third world war and sure nuclear destruction of many highly populated regions. Many wars will be waged in the name of religion and ethnic cleansing, while others will be initiated to spawn a perceived one-world government to oversee a desired new world order. We will continue to be subjected to both petty and potentially life-altering laws, rules, regulations and religious initiatives designs to keep us preoccupied with day-to-day social, economic and health related issues. Our continuing insecurities will be intensified by an unscrupulous power base of leaders whose primary goal is to deliberately instill near chaos in the form of social and economic unrest. This continuing unrest will be artificially and irrevocably addressed through the implementation of ever increasing taxes, diminished human rights and a desire to keep us in perpetual debt and in a constant state of insured domestic poverty an insecurity.

All of the life threatening, human suffering and earth changing events that are and will continue to take place throughout the tribulation are simply a prelude to a much larger human and planetary disaster. These events in their entirety should and will serve as a preemptive warning of a single global catastrophic event expected to take place at exactly 11:11 GMT on December 21 2012. Science has made reference to a number of possible devastating earthly events such as a Yellowstone super volcanic eruption or a polar shift that could take place in a matter of moments. Other dangers from the sky such as enormous asteroids, increased and violent solar activity, the emergence of Planet X or Nibiru, and the possible devastating effects of a planetary alignment have been well documented and studied by scientists around the world. All of these scenarios have been proven viable and very relevant to the times in which we live. Any one of these events or a combination of many would bring unprecedented global destruction. Human life would dramatically be effected and millions, even billions will die. Although no one knows exactly what this coming catastrophe might bring, we can be sure that the outcome will be dire.

The coming global cataclysm is in no way unique to our existence on this earth. As part of a universal cycle of near destruction, our planet and its population has experienced some form of renewal many times before, and it appears we are in line to witness this extraordinary event once again. The coming event is very real and has been foreseen and foretold by most all ancient civilizations and religions throughout the world. Although the basic scenarios and possible implications very, the final outcome remains consistent in all cases. The ancient Mayans and Aztecs refer to this coming event in terms such as the entering of the fifth world or fifth sun. The Hopi Indians call it the great purification. Christianity calls it the Rapture. Islam sees it as the coming of the Mahdi. The Hindus believe we are in the final moments of the Iron Age, which is the last of four periods known as Kali Yuga. Astrologers call it the coming of the Age of Aquarius which is representative of a cleansing of the earth. In addition, interpretations of many ancient and modern day oracles and prophets of doom also see the coming events. The Chinese book of Changes (I-Ching) sees it as the end of history. The Bible Code, The Web Bot Project, Nostradamus and many others also have provided us with the necessary signs of coming devastation. NASA has confirmed increasing solar disturbances that will reach their peek in late 2012, and even Albert Einstein spoke about the possible implications of the coming astronomical anomalies.

We as human beings are instinctually aware of the coming changes. If you haven’t already began to experience it, very soon you, as an individual will begin to notice an increased sense of awareness and understanding of the inevitable. Many attribute this increased awareness to a possible chemical enhancement of human DNA, while other believe these abilities have simply been suppressed and denied over time and are slowly being revealed in order to prepare us for sure and sustainable change. These feeling and signs of utter dread and impending doom will begin to manifest themselves in many ways, and will effect an ever increasing number of people as we get closer to December 21 2012. Some will see this as a spiritual awakening, while other will experience a remarkable ability to foresee coming events through dreams, meditation, moments of déjà vu and gut Instinct. Your individual increased perceptions will be small an insignificant at first and will be dismissed as coincidence or chance. You may for example have a passing thought about an old friend, and that person will contact you. You may briefly think about a song from your past, and that song will play on the radio. You may experience an increased ability to associate particular smells with past events, and many will see a significant reoccurrence of the numbers11:11. As these events become increasingly more common and more relevant, you will come to realize their importance to coming events.

Some people believe that I along with many others are intentionally and deliberately trying to scare people with our web sites, books videos and messages of coming doom, and in many ways they may be right. Much like your local weather person who warns you of possible inclement storms, we are simply trying to inform you that this threat is very real and conditions are right for a global cataclysm that could redefine life, as we know it. However harsh and unsavory you may find this information to be I am confident that the ends will most definitely justify the means and your survival and continuing existence may very well depend on it. You need to look no further then the television network and cable news or newspaper to realize that something very unusual and very unsettling is taking place all around the world. Our social and moral values are in decline. Our global system of socioeconomic stability is failing at an incredible rate. Our political systems have become increasingly more corrupt and self-serving, and people are suffering and dying in unimaginable ways. I encourage you to step back and look beyond your own personal problems and situations and realize that we exist not as individuals, but as a worldwide community who shares one single planet that is in chaos.

The world governments and religious elite are very well aware of what is coming and know that they can not and will not provide protection and support to everyone on the planet. They know we are facing an unimaginable global event that will surpass any and all disasters we have ever experienced. In preparation, bunkers and underground shelters are now being built and stocked with food, water and other survival supplies. Seed banks are being constructed to insure future food availability and publicly financed individuals and organizations are taking the steps necessary to insure that they and a select group of people can and will survive this ordeal. In an attempt to maintain continuos artificial stability and reduce sure and total panic among the general population, entire governments and government-sponsored scientists will become the most adamant critics of the warnings. Many will site Biblical scripture disputing what they do not understand and others will compare 2012 to more recent failed doomsday predictions such as Y2K; knowing full well that this is not a manmade computer glitch, but a real and predictable recurring act of nature. They will insistently deny, discount and discredit the warnings, and will dismiss them as bad science, conspiracy and malicious profiteering.

Despite the lack of official acknowledgment, many are now preparing themselves and their families for the coming disasters, and you may be wise to do the same. This personnel preparation is in large part being done under a vale of secrecy so as to detour those who refused to heed the warnings. You should prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually for the coming events, and take the steps necessary to insure your future survival. You should concentrate your efforts on food, water, shelter and personal protection and prepare yourself for prolonged or permanent power outages and limited communication. You need to recognize that currency and traditional means of trade are now and will continue to loose their value, and that your ability to purchase necessary supplies will become limited. Most importantly, you need to enjoy the life you are now living, but prepare yourself for the worst, for the worst is yet to come.

Some scholars have estimated that as many as two thirds of the worlds population may perish as a direct or indirect result of the coming events of December 21 2012 and the thirteen-year tribulation leading up to that date. Our current level of technological advancement could be thrust back hundreds even thousands of years, and the ecological and environmental effects of these events will most definitely prove devastating to the way in which we currently live our lives. Survival will supersede comfort, fear will dominate the living and want, need and hope will dictate our daily existence.

As horrifying and unsettling as all this sounds, it could in many ways be perceived as a good thing for those who survive. December 21 2012 and the years leading up to that date will in many ways represent the storm before the calm, and will dramatically and violently usher in a new era of increased understanding and renewed enlightenment. This new beginning will be met with a new sense of peace and will more widely open our eyes to the true meaning of life. We will enter this new age not only with a complete knowledge of where we have been, but with an increased understanding of where we are going and where we need to be in relationship to the basic truths that will once again redefine our existence. We will be forced by need and necessity to look beyond race and religious differences, greed, hate and social status, and our continuing survival will be rooted in our willingness to honor and respect ourselves, our neighbors, our environment and the powers that be.

No, our world and its population will not come to a complete and final end on December 21 2012. We will however be forced to reevaluate and redefine our lives and our association with our planet. Life will be hard but we can take comfort in knowing that Mother Nature will once again reign supreme in her ability to correct what we have so badly taken for granted.

John Kehne is an independent researcher of the overall implications surrounding the coming events of December 21 2012 and is the publisher of the #1 rated website devoted to the subject, www.December212012.com.


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