School Children Sing Praises of Obama
Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 @ 00:07:03 EDT
Topic: Soetoro

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Video Transcript below

First Child:

The Kenyan Musilim
will soon destroy the great Satan from within.

He will speak of hope and change,
but the greedy Americans will be defeated !

Yes we can,
destroy the Satan of America

Yes we can,
Prase the Kenyan !

Prase Allah !

Second Child:

Soon we change America.

With the help of the fellow Muslim !

He will open the door for us to enter with ease
Bring me, bring my allies to your shores, Oh brother.

We strap on bomb to teach American Pigs a lesson !

When our mission is complete marters we will be !

Prase Allah the brave martyr !

Prase our Kenyan brother who will bring down the
Great Satan from inside !

All prase Allah !

If the subtitles of this video are accurate then it puts
a hard face on being a "foreign born domestic enemy" !


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