One of Obama's Mentors is Just SICK!!!!
Date: Friday, November 06, 2009 @ 21:38:40 EST
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Frank Marshall Davis, Communist... and Pedophile?

We at WMD previously talked about Frank Marshall Davis, one of Obama's mentors and his secret communist past. Well, it appears there is more to Mr. Davis than just being a communist sympathizer. From the UK Telegraph:

The book, which closely tracks Mr Davis’s life in Chicago and Hawaii and the fact that his first wife was black and his second white, describes in lurid detail a series of shockingly sordid sexual encounters, often involving group sex.

One chapter concerns the seduction by Mr Davis and his first wife of a 13-year-old girl called Anne. Mr Davis wrote that it was the girl who had suggested he had sex with her. “I’m not one to go in for Lolitas. Usually I’d rather not bed a babe under 20.

“But there are exceptions. I didn’t want to disappoint the trusting child. At her still-impressionistic age, a rejection might be traumatic, could even cripple her sexually for life.”

He then described how he and his wife would have sex with the girl. “Anne came up many times the next several weeks, her aunt thinking she was in good hands. Actually she was.

“She obtained a course in practical sex from experienced and considerate practitioners rather than from ignorant insensitive neophytes….I think we did her a favour, although the pleasure was mutual.”

I first noticed Day by Day with Chris Muir and this allusion to Davis and Child Rape. Maybe this is why Obama only referred to him as Frank in "Dreams of My Father." If that is the case, what did Obama know and when did he know it?
Not insinuating anything, I'm just putting it out there.....



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