Barack Obama’s War From Within
Date: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 @ 00:47:43 EDT
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The list of increasingly agitated city mayors grows longer each day as Occupy protesters across the nation show further willingness to confront law enforcement and threaten violence.

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Ironically, it may be Chicago that proves itself the Occupy powder keg location  – a city now run by former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.  Mayor Emanuel, who has experienced a testy relationship with city labor groups since taking his oath of office last year, has been the target of an aggressive campaign by Occupy Chicago protesters of intimidation resulting in hundreds of protesters storming City Hall.  Emanuel, in a move supportive of his reputation as one not to be trifled with, gave Chicago police the authority to enforce violations of city code – a move that has resulted in over 300 arrests of protesters in recent weeks.  It appears that while President Barack Obama continues to support the chaos inherent within the Occupy protests, his former White House Chief of Staff is determined to contain that chaos – or move to eliminate it entirely if need be.

A recent New York Times report also cited other city mayors growing concerned and frustrated over the seemingly clueless motivations of the Occupy protesters, and those protesters willingness to create unsanitary and potentially dangerous conditions within their respective cities.  In Boston, a protest couple with a young child living in a tent was arrested for selling heroin.  In Oakland, a protester was seen carrying a sign reading KILL PIGS, while in Atlanta a man was arrested walking about the protest encampment carrying an assault rifle.

The question now looms – how far are the Big Labor union organizers of the Occupy Protest movement willing to push the young men and women who are being manipulated at each Occupy location to challenge authority and threaten violence – for it now appears certain that the true motivation of those behind the Occupy protests is not some measure of peaceful activism, but the far more dangerous and potentially deadly example of outright conflict upon American society.

It is often said that President Obama is overseeing a number of wars abroad. What is now being realized is the fact he appears intent on initiating another war from within America itself.



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