Radical Islam is danger to nation
Date: Monday, November 14, 2011 @ 11:04:26 EST
Topic: Islam

Hassan Shibly of the Council on American-Islamic Relations attacked me and Allen West in a letter for defending America against the dangers of sharia-compliant Islam.

I have long spoken out against the dangers of radical Islam. I am careful to differentiate between those who pervert Islam into a totalitarian ideology and those who practice it peacefully.

And yet I am routinely attacked by Shibly and his organization. Why would CAIR, which pretends to care about improving the understanding of Islam, attack those of us who draw attention to the radicals distorting their religion?

The truth is CAIR is dedicated to misleading the American public over the inherent and obvious threat radical Islam poses not just to our country but to freedom-loving people worldwide.

As the last decade has proven, the threats America faces from radical Islam are real. But the irony is that Islamists have killed more innocent Muslims, either through adherence to sharia or through terrorist attacks around the world, than any other group of people.

While CAIR garners sympathy in the mainstream press, there are brave moderates within the Muslim world who speak out against radical Islam and get very little attention. These reformers hold the key to not only helping Americans better understand Islam, but also helping to free the Islamic world from the radicals who have enslaved a large portion of their population.

If CAIR truly cared about improving the image of Islam, they'd spend more of their time heralding those courageous Muslims instead of attacking people like me and Congressman West.

Adam Hasner, U.S. Senate candidate, Boca Raton


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