Meet The New Boss Obama
Date: Sunday, November 20, 2011 @ 21:34:48 EST
Topic: Soetoro

 – Same As The Old Boss Obama


Video from Barack Obama’s 2004 campaign for the Senate shows a man spouting the exact same far-left class warfare rhetoric then as he is today.  2004 Obama speaks out against business in favor of Big Government.  He speaks out against law enforcement in favor of political correctness. And he speaks out against the United States in favor of a mish-mash of global feel-goodism that is the hallmark of a modern American education.

It is also very interesting to note Obama’s “Black Street-Speak” given he was raised for much of his childhood by older white upper middle class grandparents and was the son of a white mother who later married an Indonesian man.

Viewing the video it becomes clear Barack Obama is a fabrication of every ill-conceived and failed liberal viewpoint – and sadly – and dangerously, that fabrication is now somehow responsible for leading the most powerful nation on earth.

Watch Video Here:

Obama for Senate Ad "Introducing Barack Obama"


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