Liars, Crooks, Thugs, And Bigots For 200 Years
Date: Thursday, May 03, 2012 @ 00:46:55 EDT
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Doug Book

New book proves Democrats have been liars, Crooks, Thugs, and Bigots for 200 years


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One of the stories in the book “ Crooks, Thugs, and Bigots: The Lost, Hidden, and Changed History of the Democratic Party” tells of the ongoing serial rapes committed by Neil Goldschmidt, a former Governor of Oregon and Secretary of Transportation for Jimmy Carter. When Goldschmidt was the 30 year old mayor of Portland, Oregon in the 1970’s, it was common knowledge that he was repeatedly consensually raping a 14 year old girl. His staff would see him leave several times a week, and they knew where he was going.

The reporters at “The Oregonian”, the state’s biggest newspaper, also knew all about this and knew where he was going. They stood by and watched in silence to protect a fellow liberal Democrat. When Goldschmidt successfully ran for governor, “The Oregonian” refused to report what it knew about him.

When the Carter Administration nominated Goldschmidt to be Secretary of Transportation, the paper of record in Oregon said nothing about what it knew.  It was only when Goldschmidt arrogantly applied for a job with the State of Oregon and publicly confessed what he had done (well after the statute of limitations had run out) that “The Oregonian” wrote about Goldschmidt’s crimes, referring to the ongoing rapes as “an affair” and admitting that they knew about it all along.

As a big city newspaper, “The Oregonian” has certainly lied many times since the Goldschmidt lie, but its latest proves it has not changed its opinion about lying to us.

On March 10, Bob Caldwell, the editor of the paper’s  opinion page who refused to report on Goldschmidt’s rapes, died. The first story the paper printed told us he had a fatal heart attack in his car.  The next story stated that he died during sex with a hooker.  The paper explained the “error” was actually a lie told by a colleague of the dead editor who had gone to the location and moved Caldwell’s car so the police wouldn’t discover the truth – fortunately, they did anyway.

In classic, self-important, liberal hypocritical style, a spokesman for “The Oregonian” dismissed the deliberate lie as a “lack of skepticism about what otherwise seemed a routine matter.” Goldschmidt’s daily disappearing act must have been a “routine matter” as well since there was a “lack of skepticism” about that too.

Of course, no story about newsroom liberals would be complete without the stink of hypocrisy. During his tenure as editor, Caldwell wrote or approved several editorials about the evils of prostitution and what a bad guy former “Client Number Nine” Elliot Spitzer was for getting caught.

“Crooks, Thugs and Bigots: The Lost, Hidden, and Changed History of the Democratic Party” is loaded with stories about crooked, vicious, and bigoted Democrats throughout their 200 year history. It is available for purchase here.


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