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Black Genocide in America is Abortion & Scientific Racism
Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2012 @ 00:41:38 EDT
Topic: America

The racist agenda of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, is still sterilizing and aborting Blacks, Hispanics and the so -called "undesirable class" while encouraging more births among members of the white race in America. A growing number of Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities are rapidly becoming aware of the monstrous and fiendish historical affects of liberal policy, socialism, and Social Darwinism. Planned parenthood's racist agenda is still going on today. The injustices waged against Blacks are too numerous too count. Christians have always lead the way in bringing social reform that push back against the whims of a self-worshipping pagan society of secular barbarianism.

As long as abortion on demand is on the Democrat Political Platform, there is not one single Democrat Candidate ever worth voting for, including Barack Obama. Barack Obama and the Democrat Party has continued the slave owners tactic of effeminizing the Black male through the Homosexual Agenda and pornography in America in order to utterly destroy all resistance to their oppression. Socialist governments of the world are now using the gay agenda to uttering destroy and corrupt the future generations of society by making its men passive, docile, and so messed up in the head in pornography, sex addiction and perversion that they will pose no threat to resist an ever growing federal governments over-reach of power. This is why YouTube is pushing homosexual propaganda and perversion down the throats of the next generation, so that our boys are turned out as effeminate and weak! Both Planned Parenthood's promotion of Abortion and Homosexuality is their way of stimulating population control in every way.

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