Colombian Sunk
Date: Thursday, August 16, 2012 @ 01:46:44 EDT
Topic: Drugs

Classified as | 'Very Potent'

traits: chocolate smell, chocolate taste, gold color, Good For Anxiety, Good For Pain Relief, Good For Stress, pain releif, pain reliever, stress relief, sweet, Very Potent

Colombian Sunk

Strain Name: forest skunk

Grade: A+ times ten. top shelf

Type: sativa

Looks:a+ some how gold

Smell:chocolate like deep sweet

Taste: taste very strong not for week smokers deep and chocolaty

Effects: realy effective reacts quiclky on the mind god for taking walks and recreational time with family

Potency: A++++A+++ 100% high grade very potent almost one of the strongest


Reviewed by: dominicanplanter

Good Strain For:anxiety/stress/night times/early mornings/pain releiver/and almost everything


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