Farm Animals Ruin Gaza Photo Op With Sex, Defecation
Date: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 @ 12:32:09 EDT
Topic: Islam

Hamas shitprop

On Tuesday, a protest was held by Hamas supporters in the Gaza Strip where sheep, camels and donkeys where paraded before journalists (with some farm animals wearing Hamas headbands!) alongside signs reading "Save the Children of Gaza" in a protest against Israel's decision to blockade the Gaza Strip. Israel blockaded all non-essential items from entering Gaza after several Israeli towns were hit by Palestinian rocket attacks.

Hamas allegedly paid Gazan farmers $28 each and transportation costs to attend the rally. Fatah supporters refused to participate.

But there was only one problem — The Hamas-garbed farmed animals wouldn't stop defecating into the street and having sex with each other during the protest. From the always-excellent Popbitch:

In Gaza this week there was a demonstration by animals for human rights. Eight camels bearing "Save the Children of Gaza" signs; two dozen donkeys, including one in a Hamas headband; 10 horses and nearly 100 sheep were brought to the UN building. After a few minutes the beasts started a dirty protest. Some defecated in the streets, while the donkeys started shagging each other. Journalists found it almost impossible to do a straight piece to camera without some animal porn behind them.
No word on how many reporters ended up breaking into laughter upon sight of the spectacle — attendees included journos from, among others, the New York Times and the BBC.


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