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No Arabic names in Israel Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF

17th century book: 'Not one place in the land of Israel has a name of Arabic origin'

Phyllis Chesler writes that Newt Gingrich was really onto something when he called the 'Palestinians' an 'invented people' during last week's Republican debate.


    In addition to all that we already know, and have written many times, Avi Goldreich has now called our attention to a book by the scholar, Hadriani Relandi, which he published at the end of the 17th century. The book, Palestina documents Relandi’s trip to the Holy Land (see Google Books to view the work). It is written in Latin. Relandi spoke Hebrew, Arabic, and ancient Greek, as well as many European languages. According to Goldreich, Relandi surveyed 2500 places where people who appear in the Bible, the Mishnah, and the Talmud once lived.

    Essentially, Relandi mapped the Land of Israel and conducted a population survey and census of each community.

    Relandi concluded that: “Not one settlement in the Land of Israel has a name that is of Arabic origin. Most of the settlement names originate in the Hebrew, Greek, Latin or Roman languages. In fact, till today, except for Ramlah, not one Arabic settlement has an original Arabic name. Till today, most of the settlements names are of Hebrew or Greek origin, the names distorted to senseless Arabic names. There is no meaning in Arabic to names such as Acco (Acre), Haifa, Jaffa, Nablus, Gaza, or Jenin and towns named Ramallah, El Halil and El-Kuds (Jerusalem) lack historical roots or Arabic philology".

    In 1696, the year Relandi toured the land, Ramallah, for instance, was called Bet'allah (From the Hebrew name Beit El) and Hebron was called Hebron (Hevron) as it was in the Bible and the Arabs called Mearat HaMachpelah "El Chalil", their name for the Jewish Patriarch Abraham.”

    Ironically, outrageously, UNESCO has just supported the “Palestinian” right to bar Jews from placing the Machpelah on Israel's Heritage Site list, the place where our Jewish ancestors are buried.

    Relandi found that the majority of the land was utterly desolate. Where inhabitants existed, they were mainly Jews and Christians and they mainly lived in Jerusalem, Acco, Tzfat, Jaffa, Tiberius and Gaza.

    “There were few Muslims, mostly nomad Bedouins. Nablus, known as Shchem, was exceptional, where approximately 120 people, members of the Muslim Natche family and approximately 70 Shomronites, lived. In the Galilee capital, Nazareth, lived approximately 700 Christians and in Jerusalem approximately 5000 people, mostly Jews and some Christians. “

    In Goldreich’s view, Relandi’s book “strengthens the connection, relevance, pertinence, kinship of the Land of Israel to the Jews and the absolute lack of belonging to the Arabs, who robbed the Latin name Palestina and took it as their own.”

    Goldreich concludes: Spain has a history of Arab rule, not Israel. Based on the Arab Muslim assimilation of Greek and Roman science, they were able to leave a “genuine Arabic cultural heritage: literature, monumental creations, engineering, medicine, etc. Seven hundred years of Arabic reign left in Spain an Arabic heritage that one cannot ignore, hide or camouflage. But here, in Israel there is nothing like that! Nada, as the Spanish say! No names of towns, no culture, no art, no history, and no evidence of Arabic rule; only huge robbery, pillaging and looting; stealing the Jews' holiest place, robbing the Jews of their Promised Land. Lately, under the auspices of all kind of post modern Israelis -- also hijacking and robbing us of our Jewish history.“


Posted by Southern on Friday, January 06, 2012 @ 23:42:29 EST (873 reads)

Sayeret Matkal pics Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More...

Military Photos

    A thread for the famous Israeli unit (note - none of these pics come from; they all come from Google and this site):

Benyamin Netanyahu

Benyamin Netanyahu training in SM (1971)


Benyamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu (1971)


Benyamin Netanyahu

Benyamin Netanyahu (1973)

Posted by Southern on Thursday, January 05, 2012 @ 23:47:12 EST (907 reads)

When it comes to Israel, why is the world silent? Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More...

Ron Prosor

Silence. Just silence from the U.N. Silence from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. And silence from major media outlets throughout the world.

Imagine for just a moment if this were happening to cities in, say, Texas. Imagine that the citizens of El Paso, Laredo and San Antonio have to stay inside their homes. Schools are closed, businesses are shut and people have to suspend their lives. Not because of some natural disaster or a nuclear or chemical accident, because groups in Mexico have purchased and are firing thousands of deadly missiles at Texans across the border. Sometimes a school is hit, sometimes a grocery store, and every so often someone is killed.

Imagine a similar occurrence in Seattle, Detroit or Cleveland — with rockets raining in from Canada.

Your reaction to this imagined scenario is, no doubt, incredulity. The very thought of terrorists in another country attacking Americans at random is ludicrous. You know the president would immediately order the U.S. military to respond, root out the terrorists and make sure that the Canadian or Mexican governments clearly understood that this behavior would not be tolerated. The United Nations Security Council would immediately condemn this infringement on a country's sovereignty and the safety of its citizens. The U.N. charter makes a country's self-defense as legal as it is logical. This is universally understood.

So if it is natural to be outraged and support the defense against terrorists who attack Texas, or England or Russia or China, why is it not natural to support the same for Israel? Since the beginning of October, more than 70 rockets and missiles have rained down on southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, which remains under the control of the Hamas terrorist organization. Last week, Israel's densely populated northern towns were hit by rockets fired from Lebanon.

Hamas deliberately fires rockets into the heart of Israel's major cities, which have exploded on playgrounds, near kindergarten classrooms and homes. Last month, a man was killed when a rocket struck his car on his evening commute home. Many more people have been injured. In the last month alone, more than a million Israelis had to stay home from work and more than 200,000 students were unable to attend school. You don't read about this because if it's covered at all, it's buried in the back pages of newspapers.

Posted by Southern on Thursday, January 05, 2012 @ 00:59:50 EST (809 reads)

'I got used to being called a dirty Jew' Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More...

What happens when a Jewish girl from Belgium is brutally attacked by Muslim schoolmates? Police fail to handle incident, while school and politicians turn a blind eye. Yedioth Ahronoth correspondent meets Oceane Sluijzer, whose assault has shocked Europe's Jewish communities

Menachem Gantz


Her blue eyes still look empty, her blond hair hides the heavy strokes she received. For 10 days, 13-year-old Oceane Sluijzer didn't leave her house, terrified, afraid to go out.

The fear to walk on the street on her own still paralyzes her, ever since that Friday, about two weeks ago, when five girls of Muslim descent, her schoolmates, humiliated her in public and assaulted her.

Linguistic Tensions

"Dirty Jew – go to your country," they told her, grabbing her hair and slamming her head against their knees. Then they just left her there, at the sports center, not far from the school, while those who witnessed the incident quickly ran away.

Oceane is not alone. Camilla, 16, studies in the European school, considered the most prestigious in Brussels, where children of European representatives are sent to. She recently decided to leave the educational institution and move to the Jewish school after being harassed over her opinions and support for Israel.

But it seems that in Belgium of 2011, the law authorities, government and educational system have already given up. Complete disregard is apparently the way Belgians respond to anti-Semitic attacks these days.

"The police suggested that I keep quiet about the incident. They asked me, 'Don't say that it's anti-Semitism,'" Oceane reveals. "They even suggested that I avoid going to the hospital."

According to her father, Dan, "The police said they would collect the five girls' testimonies and settle for that. If they attack her again in the future, they promised to act differently. The police wanted to bury this affair as soon as possible."

The educational system's response was similar. Oceane returned home that day and didn't leave her house for the next 10 days, but no one at the school even bothered to check on her. Her schoolmates disappeared too.

Posted by Southern on Thursday, January 05, 2012 @ 00:01:31 EST (735 reads)

The Forgotten Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More...

…NO Palestinian State…NO Return to 1967 Borders…NO Settlement Construction Freeze

Marty Roberts

So why does the Israeli Left, led by the media, continue to beat their breasts with “if only Yitzhak had been allowed to finish what he started”?


Rabin & the terrorist Arafat


It is the Zionistic Israeli political RIGHT that should be lamenting the death of Yitzhak Rabin at the hands of an assassin. All signs indicate that he was coming to his senses just before his death, that, in fact, he was quite ready to reject the failing Oslo Accords that had been forced upon him by his unscrupulous colleagues, Yossi Beilin, Shimon Peres and company.

Rabin was beginning to see through the duplicity of Yasser Arafat and realizing that the Oslo Interim Agreement was not working and, indeed, was very bad for Israel’s security.




In his last address to the Israelil Knesset, upon ratification of the Israel-Palestinian Interim Agreement (Oslo Accords), he clearly stated his understanding of Israel’s position in the agreement:

Posted by Southern on Friday, November 18, 2011 @ 00:13:24 EST (807 reads)

Netanyahu's Remarks Following the Release of Gilad Shalit Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More...


Shalit salutes Netanyahu
Photo by GPO

Citizens of Israel, today we are all united in joy and in pain.

Two-and-a-half years ago, I returned to the Prime Minister's Office.  One of the principal and most complicated missions that I found on my desk, and which I set my heart to, was to bring our abducted soldier Gilad Shalit back home, alive and well.  Today, that mission has been completed.

It entailed a very difficult decision.  I saw the need to return home someone whom the State of Israel had sent to the battlefield.  As an IDF soldier and commander, I went out on dangerous missions many times.  But I always knew that if I or one of my comrades fell captive, the Government of Israel would do its utmost to return us home, and as Prime Minister, I have now carried this out.  As a leader who daily sends out soldiers to defend Israeli citizens, I believe that mutual responsibility is no mere slogan – it is a cornerstone of our existence here.

But I also see an additional need, that of minimizing the danger to the security of Israel's citizens.  To this end, I enunciated two clear demands.  First, that senior Hamas leaders, including arch-murderers, remain in prison.  Second, that the overwhelming majority of those designated for release either be expelled or remain outside Judea and Samaria, in order to impede their ability to attack our citizens.

For years, Hamas strongly opposed these demands.  But several months ago, we received clear signs that it was prepared to back down from this opposition.  Tough negotiations were carried out, night and day, in Cairo, with the mediation of the Egyptian government.  We stood our ground, and when our main demands were met – I had to make a decision.


Posted by Southern on Friday, October 28, 2011 @ 23:39:15 EDT (796 reads)

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