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HTML Code Convert Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF

HTML Code Convert helps speed up the conversion of HTML code into different format including Java Script, JavaServer Pages, Microsoft ASP, PHP, Perl, and the UNIX Shell. It is particularly useful in CGI scripting.


Posted by Southern on Monday, May 18, 2009 @ 21:23:08 EDT (746 reads)

PCWizKid's Tech Tips Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF

PCWizKid's Tech Tips relating to Windows have been featured recently in PCWorld Magazine and PCPlus Magazine. Below is a collection of video tutorial's created by PCWizKid. They are a variety of Windows Vista and XP tips, tweaks and hacks . Select the tip you want by clicking on the "menu" button below in the video window and play it.

videos here: PCWizKid

Posted by Southern on Sunday, December 14, 2008 @ 16:19:00 EST (691 reads)

Windows Services Optimizer Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF

Disabling unnecessary Windows services can result in significant performance gains for production machines and virtual machines.  This script helps you manage and share templates for services optmization.

read more and d/l: DesktopEngineer

Posted by Southern on Thursday, December 11, 2008 @ 15:41:07 EST (654 reads)

AGP Memory Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF

Here's a little app that will tell you how much AGP memory is available on your system:


Posted by Southern on Sunday, November 02, 2008 @ 20:26:27 EST (728 reads)

An A-Z Index of the Windows XP command line Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More...

   ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file
   ARP      Address Resolution Protocol
 ~ ASSOC    Change file extension associations
   ASSOCIAT One step file association
   AT       Schedule a command to run at a later time
   ATTRIB   Change file attributes
   BOOTCFG  Edit Windows boot settings
   BROWSTAT Get domain, browser and PDC info
   CACLS    Change file permissions
 ~ CALL     Call one batch program from another
 ~ CD       Change Directory - move to a specific Folder
   CHANGE   Change Terminal Server Session properties
   CHKDSK   Check Disk - check and repair disk problems
   CHKNTFS  Check the NTFS file system
   CHOICE   Accept keyboard input to a batch file
   CIPHER   Encrypt or Decrypt files/folders
   CleanMgr Automated cleanup of Temp files, recycle bin
   CLEARMEM Clear memory leaks
   CLIP     Copy STDIN to the Windows clipboard.
 ~ CLS      Clear the screen
   CLUSTER  Windows Clustering
   CMD      Start a new CMD shell
 ~ COLOR    Change colors of the CMD window
   COMP     Compare the contents of two files or sets of files
   COMPACT  Compress files or folders on an NTFS partition
   COMPRESS Compress individual files on an NTFS partition
   CON2PRT  Connect or disconnect a Printer
   CONVERT  Convert a FAT drive to NTFS.
 ~ COPY     Copy one or more files to another location
   CSCcmd   Client-side caching (Offline Files)
   CSVDE    Import or Export Active Directory data

Posted by Southern on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 @ 12:55:32 EDT (836 reads)

O-Grow 1.0 Score: More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF

Released in 2006 O-Grow is the first continuous-play marijuana growing simulation game on the PC. Offering two gameplay options of full mode or simulation mode, players can benefit from all game features or disable the fictional parts of the game such as the trading market and objectives. Choose your seeds to plant by reading the information in the shopping section. Gameplay is accompanied by original music.

(10 mb D/L) Drugs-Plaza

Posted by Southern on Saturday, September 27, 2008 @ 12:47:22 EDT (13313 reads)

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